Top 4 Ways to Save Money in Lisbon

As far as cities go in Europe, Lisbon is pretty affordable, but if you’re planning a long vacation or just want to travel more often, saving money will be at the forefront of your mind. There are a few simple tips that will help you save money in Lisbon, so you can either splash out on something special during your trip or simply travel for longer! Whatever your motivation for wanting to save money, these tips should get you off to a great start:

1. Organise an Airport Transfer
There’s nothing worse than arriving in a new country or city and having no idea how to get around. I personally always like to start with an airport transfer so I can get to my hotel immediately, shower, rest and get ready to go out and exploring. Afterall, you’ve spent a lot of money and time to get to your new destination, why waste minutes or even hours trying to haggle a cheap price with a taxi or trying to figure out the local public transport, especially in a country that speaks another language. A Lisbon airport transfer ensures you’re picked up in a safe, high-quality vehicle, and taken straight to your hotel with absolutely no hassle or stress.

2. Take Local Transport
Transport in Lisbon is cheap and efficient, with a number or trams, buses and trains operating. I personally love taking the trams whenever I visit because they’re very scenic, and Lisbon is planted right on top of a few very steep hills, making sightseeing more of a hiking activity. I prefer to take the trams up to the top of the hill and walk down soaking in all the beautiful buildings and alleyways without putting in too much effort. As they’re local transport, they’re relatively inexpensive and a great way to see how people really live in Lisbon.

3. Head to a Bakery
Lisbon is well known for producing some of Europe’s greatest food and one of their prized favorites is the egg tart. There’s nowhere better in the world to try one than  Pastel de Belém located in Lisbon. Save yourself the trouble and order two from the get-go, they’re bite-sized and irresistible, especially when they’re still warm from the oven. For affordable meals during the day for either breakfast or lunch, head to a bakery and grab a delicious sandwich or baked good for a few euros. It’s much cheaper than eating out for every meal!

4. Do a Free Walking Tour
Most cities in Europe offer a free walking tour and Lisbon is no exception. The truth is they’re not really free there’s an expectation that you’ll tip your guide as that’s how they make their livelihood. As a rule, at least 5 euro is a decent amount to tip them which is a very affordable amount to pay for a 1-2 hour tour of a city. You’ll learn heaps of interesting facts and see a side of Lisbon you might not otherwise. Here’s a company that does free walking tours in Lisbon.

These are my top tips to save a little money and have a wonderful trip to Lisbon. Happy travels!