Singapore: A Perfect Family Vacation

Singapore, land of the lion as it is famously called thanks to the Merlion is probably the most happening places in the world. You will find it stationed overlooking the Marina Bay looking imposing at 8.6 meters high. Singapore by itself is a complex intermingling of Chinese, Indian, Malay and British cultures. While it has a great history to offer, it is also cosmopolitan considering the increasing number of expatriates settling into its rich and vibrant society. Overall, Singapore offers a whole lot to the families in terms of culture, food, and entertainment. Look for several travel websites and travel blogs which can give ideas about how you can book cheap flights from Chennai to Singapore. Also, read up about recent experiences of people who may have traveled to Singapore. This will help you to allocate time for activities and places that should be a must-visit for your family.

Culture: Understanding the diverse culture of a place, will help to unravel mysteries about the place and its people. In Singapore, to know about the culture, it is important to visit the local Peranakan museum and the places of worship that have stood for several centuries. The Peranakan museum is a sister museum of the Asian Civilization Museum, which explores the pernakan culture through artifacts, their homes, lifestyles and so on.

Mariamman Temple

Armenian Church of St. Gregory: Another great place to visit would be the Armenian Church of St. Gregory- considered to be one of the oldest churches of Singapore. This church was constructed in 1835 and as the Armenian population dwindled, the last parish left this church in the 1930s. Since then it has been declared a national monument. The ancient architecture, the altar and the pews are a sight for those with an interest in history.

Mariamman Temple: It is the oldest Hindu temple, labeled as a national monument for its historical and architectural significance. Naraina Pillai, a South-Indian is said to have built this temple in the Dravidian style and the oldest parts of the temple date back to 1843.

Fullerton Bay Hotel: Another cool place to visit to understand the culture of the place is the Fullerton Bay Hotel which is not only a five-star hotel but brags of brilliant architecture and stunning views of the Marina Bay.

Singapore Hawker Center: If you are someone who is passionate about food, you will find that you are in a place that is multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-racial. There is a wide range of delicacies to pick from Western, Malay, Japanese to Indian. With so many influences, there is bound to be a gastronomic variety sure to keep your journey through this place thoroughly enjoyable. So, take your pick between Hawker Centers to Fine Dining Restaurants and make your way through the wonderful variety of dishes for your meals while traversing through the culturally rich Singapore. Singapore’s hawker centers are places that should be on your “must visit” list as they not only provide you with every possible cuisine when you are hungry, but it is a part of Singapore’s heritage as well. Not only are these extremely easy on your pocket but you will find some exceptional fare being served to you. For instance, check out the Hambaobao, where you will find one-of-a-kind burgers that will leave you wondering about which one to pick.

So, consider Singapore for your next vacation and book cheap flights from Chennai to Singapore to get great deals at the best hotels and wonderful packages. So, grab the best deals and spend your next holiday in the “little red dot”.