Having Mice Issue? 4 Things You Can Do

One of the most damaging pests today that you wanted to avoid in your property is a mouse.

House mice are species most likely to destroy everything in your house, especially if you’re living in New Jersey. Rats have so many different kinds and sizes. From light brown to dark grey, these pests can give you lots of trouble and headache if not treated immediately. Carry on reading to learn about different varieties of mice, and various solutions to get rid of them ranging from natural remedies to calling the Pest Control Experts.

3 Types of Mouse

The mouse comes with a variety of sizes and colors. There are three common types of a mouse running inside or outside your property:

  • House Mouse

A House mouse is the most common mouse you can see in your home. They have short hair with gray to a black color and can grow to about 20cm in length. House mice love to stay indoors to escape from cold weather from outside.

  • Deer Mouse

A deer mouse can grow up to 7 to 10cm in length. Its body is like a deer, having a two-tone color, light brown on top with white belly and feet. These mice are attracted to a home with lots of vegetation and crops.

  • White Mouse

These types of mice are typically used during a science laboratory and experiment. They have the shortest length compared to the first two mice.

In terms of behavior, white mice have pet-like traits. They are not aggressive compared to deer and house mice.

How To Prevent Mice Infestation in Your Home

There are many ways you can prevent mice from going inside your property. Here are the top four things you can do:

  1. Sealed All The Possible Gaps and Cracks

The first thing you can do is to seal off all the areas that allow mice to enter your property. Try to check and seal all areas such as roofs, ceilings, cracked walls, and gaps.

  1. Clean and Sanitize Your Home All the Time

Cleaning your house every day is a simple but effective method to prevent rats from entering your premises. 

Make sure to wash your plates immediately after eating and storing all your leftovers in a sealed container with a tight lid. If you maintain the proper cleanliness of your home, rats will starve and will transfer to other houses.

  1. Prepare Some Traps with Bait

Another method to stop mice from coming inside your property is to arrange mouse traps. It will trap any suspected mouse that lives on your property. Make sure to put some bait inside the trap. Peanut butter is your perfect choice because rats love peanut butter.

  1. Call Pest Control Expert

If the rodent infestation in your property is severe, prevention methods are not the best solution. The most efficient and the best thing you can do to control mouse problems is to seek trained experts.

Pest control Howell is one of your top choices to solve mouse problems, especially if you’re living in New Jersey. They will handle all your inquiries related to mouse and other pest problems professionally.


Rat problems can be solved in the first place if you were adequately clean and declutter all your things in the right place. Most especially if you have lots of foods and leftovers which invites outside pests like mice.

However, if the problem is already severe, the best way you can do is to call pest control experts.