Subaru Want To Make Car Safety Tech Comfortable

Subaru is making car safety technology more comfortable in a drive to improve its vehicles. Cars will use cutting-edge technology, the automaker says, to keep motorists and passengers free from injury in some of the most congested cities in the world. 

The centrepiece of the brand’s technology is its EyeSight Drivers Assist. The system has the highest IIHS rating across multiple domains when first released and promises to transform the driving experience in the U.S. and globally. Research suggests the technology can reduce rear-end collisions by an incredible 85 percent, translating to tens of thousands of lives saved annually if rolled out across the globe. 

For owners of Subaru vehicles, the move is welcome. New cars aren’t just machines anymore that take drivers from A to B at potentially high costs. Instead, these vehicles have the potential to take much of the danger out of driving. Vehicles, Subaru says, are adventure-ready but make the experience of driving much easier for those who use them. 

The Onboard Technology

Subaru’s approach doesn’t focus on a single technology or innovation. Instead, the car company believes in improving driver safety using a multi-pronged strategy. Vehicles are seeing improvements in terms of AI assistance, camera technology, chassis strength and wheel traction. Drivers have more confidence on the road but aren’t inspired to take risks, according to the automaker. 

Subaru’s Global Platform, for instance, provides the basis for all these technologies. The vehicle’s impressive frame offers a combination of ride comfort and performance, making all other onboard safety technologies possible. The automaker says that the vehicle has maximum grip when cornering. In total, there are more than 100 integrated safety features connected to the system which humanize the driving experience. 

Driver Monitoring System

The newest generation of vehicles comes with Subaru’s Driver Monitoring System. The technology is similar to the one Volvo uses and monitors driver’s drowsiness and distractions. If it detects a problem, it issues an alert, telling the driver to pull over and take a rest. 

Many people wind up at the car accident lawyer precisely because someone has fallen asleep at the wheel. This new technology, therefore, has the potential to protect other road users and prevent people from making risky driving decisions. 

Pre-Collision Assist

Added to the Driver Monitoring System, Subaru is also equipping new vehicles with its proprietary EyeSight Pre-Collision Braking features. These alert drivers at the first sight of danger and apply brakes automatically if an accident appears imminent.

Cameras constantly scan the environment for potential threats. AI systems then identify hazards and feed information to a central computer. The system can detect stopped cars ahead, pedestrians stepping out into the street, and forward cross-traffic. If it believes an accident is imminent, it will communicate with the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system to bring the vehicle to an immediate halt. Computers work together to determine the appropriate force of braking, based on feedback from wheels independently. 

These technologies are transformative. They have the ability to change the driving experience forever and make it safer.