Eating out in Thailand

Those booking thailand flights will find flights operate from major cities worldwide. Travelers simply must visit the bustling city of Bangkok. Known for its amazing scenery, tall buildings and bustling culture, it rivals big cities like New York and London; rich in culture, it offers a bustling city atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back for more. Flavours and fragrances ring in the air, as Bangkok is well known for it’s many markets, where food vendors line the streets selling sweet banana pancakes and Pad Thai.2361453818_ba432e2ec8_bSaffron

For a more refined dining experience in Bangkok, head to the Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathorn Road, and spend an evening at Saffron restaurant. The experience begins with the staff washing your hands with jasmine scented water. This may seem a little bit strange at first but it’s a cleansing ritual, designed to make you feel welcome. The restaurant itself is situated 52 floors up, and its ceiling to floor windows offer stunning views across the city.

High above the hustle and bustle, you can relax, unwind and soak up the beautiful décor, as well as the incredible food. Try the small but delicious banana blossom salad; coated in spicy dressing and loaded with crisp pork crackling. For something lighter, try the Ho Hum Tom Yam Gung; a spicy, clear Thai soup filled with noodles and shrimp, and infused with lemongrass; it’s a Thai favourite.

After your long flight to Thailand, Saffron’s warm, calming interior sets the tone perfectly for an evening of being looked after. Thai cuisine at Saffron typically consists of many courses; all small, but delicious and shareable. The menu offers a variety of exciting mains with something to suit every palate; whether you love red meat, fish or if you are a vegetarian. Try the Yum Pla Salmon; meaty chunks of Tasmanian fish, served with a salad of coriander, mint and pork crackling. The veggie options are great too, like delicate wild mushroon canelloni on a bed of salsa, finished with truffle oil. Or if you are looking for something more spicy, there is a massaman curry with pumpkin, tofu, chestnut and lotus seed, served with roti.11387561856_8f20656d55_bVertigo

After dinner, head up to the Vertigo and Moon rooftop bar, where the white linen chairs and relaxed atmosphere would put even the most stressed out soul at ease. Its cosmopolitan cuisine and romantic atmosphere makes it one of the most popular bars in Bangkok; and it has a Michelin star to boot.

Round off the night with the city’s signature drink, a passion fruit caipiroska; a combination of vodka, lime and passionfruit, native to the region, will go down a treat as an aperitif after dinner. If you are a non drinker, the juice bar, offers snacks, salads and milky smoothies to enjoy. Why not try a detoxifying wheat grass smoothie after a day of exploring?3367954005_7558b64efc_b61 floors above the city, the bar gives you a perfect view of Bangkok, coupled with an awesome sunset if you stay long enough into the evening.