Visa Mix-ups: Don’t Chance It!

Filling out any visa application has the potential to be an intimidating process, especially if there are specific requirements that will take more time to prepare. It is always important to give yourself plenty of time in order to receive your travel documents in time for the dates of your intended travel.

Any visa mix-ups will hamper your potential to travel. It is a common mistake to fill out the application forms incorrectly, which has been known to prevent traveling parties from entering foreign countries.A2CX2X_2290318bWhen applying for a visa, make sure that all dates coincide with the requirements needed for your visa. Many couples that intend to be married after the date of filling out their visa applications, but before the date of intended entry to another country, have found that when they try applying for a work visa, their forms have been denied. If your relationship status goes from single to married prior to entry to another country, make note of this and fill out the forms with the correct information. If your application forms have already been sent off, it would be ideal to send off a supplementary letter explaining any discrepancies you have noticed after the fact.

Along with improperly filled out visa application forms, prior histories of offenses committed in the country of intended travel has caused many travelers to be turned away at the borders. Truthful information is required to enter any country, and holding an offensive record will affect your ability to return to the country where you hold those offenses. In fact, if you are caught forging information in order to enter a foreign country, legal action may be taken once this information is uncovered.student-visaAlthough human error is the most common reason for visa mix-ups, there have been recorded incidents of system processing mistakes, which have caused individuals to not get their visas. In 2010, groups of Sierra Leone Pilgrims were denied entry into Saudi Arabia due to a computer glitch that entered their country code incorrectly on their application forms. 150 of the Pilgrims were compensated for the confusion and talk of a new system is underway to help future Pilgrims on their travels to Mecca.

In order to avoid any visa mix-ups, make sure all documents are correctly filled in. Incorrect dates, false information, and insufficient information will cause delays in your paperwork. For the best results, consult an expert if you are unsure of anything and be aware that the visa application form you’re filling out is the correct one. There is an appeal process for anyone who has been denied visa entry. It is advised to take that opportunity to refute a denied claim, as there may be a chance for the mix-up to be corrected before the intended travel dates.tourist visa application formKeep in mind that for your specific visa, it may be required to have a set amount of money in your home bank account for a period of 28 days or more. This amount of required finances may vary, but it is often pretty steep. You may need to spend time saving up to support your travels, or give yourself enough time to apply and receive a loan.

For best results, apply for your visa at least three months ahead of time to give the foreign consulate enough time to sort out your application.