Thinking about Quitting Smoking? Here’s why you should

There are plenty of reasons to quit smoking. If you’re a smoker there’s probably a good chance you’ve thought about a few of these, but you may not have considered some of the biggest reasons why smoking is a bad choice.

Here are some reasons why you should quit smoking:person-731484_1280Its a huge waste of money

What are you saving for? Maybe it’s a new laptop or phone, or perhaps a fun vacation with the whole family.

I’m sure there are plenty of things you could do with some extra cash in your pocket each week, and you probably understand that spending money on cigarettes is like flushing it down the toilet.

Basically, you’re paying money to have a higher chance of dying from a smoking-related disease. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

The average price of cigarettes costs well over £8. Smoke a packet a day and you’re wasting £2912 per year. That’s more than enough money for an amazing vacation, or you could put it towards saving for a house or a new car.cigarette-424540_1280Its antisocial

While smoking gained in popularity from the 1940’s, the increase in tax on cigarettes and education about health risks mean that fewer people are smoking today. It’s dirty, smelly, your fingers turn yellow, your breath smells gross, and you have to stand outside many bars and restaurants as smoking is banned in many public places.
In fact some countries are aiming to have smoking banned within the next five or ten years. This means the amount of people who are smoking is set to decrease even more, making smoking the “uncool” thing to do.

Plus, for non smokers, there’s nothing worse than being exposed to someone else’s second hand smoke when you know it’s upping your chance of cardiovascular-related death and stroke.e-cigarette-668453_1280It kills you

You would think this one would be a biggie. People are scared to jump out of a plane in case they die, but they think nothing of lighting numerous cigarettes per day, even though they know this decreases life expectancy, and gives them a much higher chance of dying a slow and painful death.

Many people have the misconception that they’ve already done irreversible damage “so it’s too late to quit anyway”. This couldn’t be more untrue, and in fact the younger you are when you quit, the more your body can begin to heal and reverse the damage. Lungs begin to heal as soon as smokers stop lighting up, and heart disease can also be controlled and prevented.

There are excellent alternatives

If you’re trying to quit smoking, consider using electronic cigarettes, which allow you to use your hands and complete the smoking habit without any of the negative effects. While smokers regularly use gum and distractions to try to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes help smokers feel less deprived, making it easier to choose to quit.

This gives you the feeling of smoking without the smell, smoke, or stains. There are also plenty of different e-cig accessories and flavours to keep you entertained.