Stylish, affordable sportswear for a working Mum

Sportswear can be a very stylish and comfortable wardrobe choice for a working Mum. It can make it much easier for Mums to fit in time for better physical fitness as well since they are already dressed for it. Here are just a few of the stylish sportswear options out there. Don’t be afraid to mix and match sports wear with other clothing pieces for a look that is uniquely

The shoes available today are far from the grungy old runners of before. Fitness footwear comes in a variety of fashionable and fun colors and styles. Many posh designers are now offering workout shoes with features such as custom embroidery and fits. Choose shoes that are suitable for your activity level and body type to avoid soreness.


Compression tights can help offer support throughout your busy work day. Tights make a stylish addition to any wardrobe because they can be worn under skirts, shorts, dresses and more. A little black dress can be a bit dull but if you add tights in bold design you have a totally different and unique look.woman-692768_1280Layers
Versatility throughout the day is an important thing. You need to be comfortable throughout the day in order to function at your best level. For a fun look consider wearing a tank top under a mesh overshirt.  Consider wearing a skort as your bottom. A skort offers the stylish look of a skirt with the comfort and coverage shorts.

Fabrics that feel great to wear

Cotton can be great at times but it simply does not provide the moisture wicking comfort of fabrics such as Tommie Copper does with their compression clothing Copper Znergy line. This new fabric provides superior support, eliminates odors, and provides SPF 50 protection to the wearer. This means you can feel cool, confident, and look your best all at the same time. A complete line of this clothing can be found online at the Tommie Copper store.meditation-609235_1280Building your wardrobe

As a Mum you are very busy so planning a fashionable wardrobe might be one of the last things on your mind but it shouldn’t be. Purchasing pieces that you can mix and match easily means you can put together a great outfit each and every time with little thought. Bright colors and designs always pair well with black so a few black pieces are great to have.

Taking time for yourself

Physical fitness is very important for everyone. Finding the time can be a real challenge for those that are juggling work, home life, child rearing, and more. It is important that time is made so that you can take care of yourself. When you don’t take this time it can actually impact the way you act around those that you love, your stamina throughout the day, and more. A great workout can be fun. If you like to dance then consider signing up for a class at your local gym. Many gyms now offer childcare services or maybe you can fit time in when the kids are at school.