The Rise of Competitive Gaming

It is clear for all to see that the days of conventional competitive gaming are drawing to a stalemate, as the rise in virtual competitive games is on the increase. Previously, when visiting betting sites it was standard to see odds on football, horse racing, and similar sports, for these were matches of skill and talent. However, while they much remain staple examples of athleticism, eSports has heralded in a different type of talent and skill that has secured them a place within the sporting community.

What may have sounded like fantasy years ago is now very much a reality, with the competitiveness of gamers and their prowess now an epicentre of an ever growing community; gamers have left their stereotypical lairs of darkened bedrooms and basements, and have stepped into highly charged sports community. Approximately 134 million people across the globe watch competitive (video) gaming, with a projected revenue of over one billion pounds for 2018. In addition to this, it is also speculated that the next five years of eSports will see a continued 30 percent growth, an impressive margin of growth considering gaming used to be treated as more a hobby than a sport several years back.6355261479_3aef253fe9_bFurther adding to the hype surrounding this modern phenomenon, the prizes of large tournaments within this sector are, for want of a better word, staggering. Huge competitions like the Snooker Championships and The Masters are known for providing substantial cash prizes to their winners, for it’s a means of rewarding impressive skill. But even they don’t offer as much as some of their gaming counterparts, a prime example being Ti5: Dota 2. For those not familiar with this event, it is The International, a Dota 2 tournament that is held every year and hosted by Valve Corporation, who is the developer of the game. What could be argued as being a glorified LAN Party had a prize pool of $18 million, with each member of the winning team taking home $1.3 million.

Due to the nature of these ‘sports’ and their amassed followings, betting sites have become part of the entertainment, a means of adding more depth to a sport they love. The issue with this is variety: there are so many bookmakers that cater to this sector of the industry that it can be hard to know who provides more favourable tips and odds. British bookies Betway, are a respected brand known for delivering a versatile range of sports and online activities, and are therefore the top choice for many. However, make sure to ask yourself this – should you add Betway to your betting sites list? With competitive gaming fans looking towards the MLG Columbus that takes place in March, knowing who to use is now more important than ever. Here, the popular CS:GO will take place.


The Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, aka CS:GO, is another high money competition for fans to look forward to. Much like Dota 2, the gaming community has grown at an incredible rate and has fast become one of the largest of eSporting events in the world. Although less than The International the prize pool is $1 million, an impressive sum which is now confirmed as the standard for all major championships of this title.