How to Acquire a World Famous Office Location on a Budget

The street is firmly divided when it comes to the topic of business locations. Some say it matters, and others say it doesn’t. We’re erring on the side of “get that startup out of the living room and into the real world”, so we’re going to stick to our guns and say that your business needs a world famous office location to guarantee success. It’s not the be all and end all, but boy it helps. Let’s take a closer look at why.


The Importance of Location


Office locations are important for businesses, for a number of reasons. Imagine a powerhouse financial firm operating out of a cardboard box suite in the dodgy part of town. Not really the image that you had in mind, right? Thought not. The image you had in mind was marble floors, gleaming windows, floor upon floor of beautifully furnished, ornately designed and gorgeous office space. Complete with gorgeous secretaries and dashing business-wear. And we’ll bet our bottom dollar that that mental image occurred in a prestigious location like Wall Street. Now you should have a clear idea about the importance of location when it comes to your office. If you’re after a swish space, Servcorp offers professional Executive suites.




How to Get That Location on a Budget


There are a few ways to go about this without breaking the bank. Let’s look at some.


Consider Sharing


Office sharing is the practice when two or more companies share office space. There are several advantages to this. Firstly, it’s more affordable. While on their own, both companies may not be able to afford that famous location, but when their spending power is combined, all of a sudden that stunning location is affordable. Also, the potential for cross-pollination is awesome. Imagine all that creativity and innovation flying around the one floor, for all the businesses to learn and profit from!


Don’t Rent a Whole Floor


Why spend all that capital on a whole floor if you only have a handful of staff? While it may be tempting to have access to meeting rooms, brainstorming nooks and teleconference spaces – ask yourself, could I get away with less? It may be you may be able to rent out a room, or two or three, for a fraction of the cost of leasing a whole floor. Do your research and look around for a niche deal like this – you may be pleasantly surprised.


Consider a Virtual Office


What’s a virtual office, you ask? Basically, a virtual office offers you all of the benefits of a prestigious, world famous office location at half the cost. You have access to a landmark address, land line phone number, meeting spaces and even a receptionist all without having to pay an extravagant amount of rent each week. And the best thing is that only you need to know that it’s a virtual space. Your competition, contractors and clients will all be awed by your world famous location and ultra-modern space. Meanwhile, you can continue to streamline costs by operating from home, or basing your business in a cheaper space while maintaining the impression of power and success.


In Closing


There you have it. We looked at the importance of office location when it comes to your startup. Also, there are several ways to nab a world famous location on a budget. Consider a virtual office space, or have a think about sharing the costs of a lease with one or more other companies. You could even investigate renting out a room or two at a classy location.