4 Reasons for Buying a New Car Instead of a Used Car

If you’re planning to buy a new car for your family, you may be unsure whether it’s smarter to buy a new car or a used car. The truth is, both options can be smart depending on your financial situation and your goals for what kind of car you want. This article is going to highlight the 4 reasons for buying a new car instead of a used car, so if you’re on the fence, feel free to read and maybe get a little bit more insight as to why a new car can be a better choice.

Just as a disclaimer, we would never want you to make a financial decision that you cannot afford, so take our advice on board but keep your personal financial situation in mind before making any big purchases like a new car! With that out of the way, read on to find more about some of the benefits to buying a new car instead of a used car:

1) You Wont Have to Worry About the Car’s History
The truth is, when you buy a used car you can never really know what happened to the car before you owned it. It could be a great purchase, but it can also be a car that was almost destroyed in a bad accident and has been patched back together. You’ll never know! Buying a new car means that you will know exactly what’s happened to it before you get into the driver’s seat.

2) You’ll Get the Latest Features
My car alerts me when the air pressure is low, so I can pump up the tyre, get a hole punctured or check whether the tyre has a more substantial issue. This is a great safety feature and many of the newer cars have even more features that can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the car, as well as ensure you are safe, especially on longer trips. Some of the features may be less safety focused, such as wireless charging and the ability to sync directly with your phone, but they’re still fun!

3) New Cars Have Warranties
Usually new cars come with a few years warranty, while many second hand cars come with none! This provides an extra level of peace of mind, ensuring you can drive away with it knowing that you will get supported with any manufacturing issues for the next few years.

4) More Fuel Efficient
Well, depending on what kind of car you get, it can be a lot more fuel efficient or completely electric. Either way, you’re going to save money on your gas expenses and reduce your monthly bill!

Do bare in mind that cars depreciate the most in the first few years of ownership, so as an investment they’re not the best, but for some of us the comforts that come with a brand new car outweigh the costs. Happy car shopping!