How to Remodel your Bathroom on a Budget

Have you been wanting to remodel your bathroom for some time, but believe you just can’t afford it? Today I’ve got some top tips to help you remodel your bathroom on a budget. You’ll be surprised at how much you can change the way your bathroom looks and feels without going broke.

Here are some small bathroom ideas that can make a big change without leaving you broke:



Painting is one of the best ways to make your bathroom look completely different. This is particularly true if the colour is out-of-date. It’s a good idea to browse homeware stores and keep an eye out for any paint sales. Once you find a colour that will work well, you can stock up- sometimes for more than 50% off the original price.

Painting is also one of those things that you can’t mess up too badly, as long as you follow the instructions. Take a weekend to paint your bathroom, and you’ll immediately notice a difference. Choose bright, light colours to make the room feel larger and brighter, and be sure to use a paint that will stand up well in damp and wet conditions.



Lighting is another way to quickly make a big difference to your bathroom. Adding a lot of light will make your bathroom look more modern, welcoming, brighter, and bigger. Head to a few lighting and home improvement stores to see what they have available on sale, or consider changing your fixtures if your budget can stretch. For those who like to do their makeup in the bathroom, adding some lights around your mirror can add a little luxury to your life.



It can be tempting to make huge changes in your bathroom, particularly if the space isn’t being used to its full advantage. Unfortunately, relocating your toilet or bathtub can cost huge money. Instead, use the existing pipes and save any huge plumbing changes until you can afford to hire an expert. There are also a number of bathroom shower ideas you can check out which can make it look like you have a brand new bathroom without breaking the bank.



Choosing some bathroom-appropriate accessories is a great way to remodel without spending too much money. Consider interesting, eye-catching looks like framed bathroom mirrors or a lovely piece of art. You’ll find that accessorizing is a little easier once you’ve picked a theme for your bathroom, and you can easily pick up some interesting pieces on sale throughout the year.