A young couple looking for their car in a parking lot

3 Things to Remember Before Buying a New Car

Is there anything more exciting than buying a new car? Well, maybe, but it’s definitely one of my favourite things. I’ve only bought a brand new car once in my life but it was a really experience; getting to choose exactly how I wanted the car and with what features. From the colour inside and outside, to the safety features and keyless entry – there’s so many different details you can choose to personalise your car. It’s a fun process, but the truth is, it’s not cheap and it shouldn’t be a decision you take lightly. I’ve made this list of three things to remember before buying a car to keep yourself motivated:

1. Shop Around
Often we have a car we know we just love. You may be particularly brand loyal, but shop around, check out what different brands have to offer. I think Fords are great cars that come in a variety of styles to suit every lifestyle. Find your nearest Ford dealer and see what they can offer before you go ahead with your current idea in mind.

2. Ask for a Discount
Cars are expensive, there’s always a little room to move in the price. They may not be able to take any price of the ticket price, but perhaps they can add in extra features. If you’re anything like me, you feel a bit awkward when asking for a discount, but you have to think – what’s the worst that can happen? Probably just that they’ll say no and you’re exactly where you are right now. But in my experience, because selling a car is a big ticket item with a good amount of commission attached to it, the sales agent will want to sell and probably have pre-approval from their manager to lower the price or include more features for the same price. Ask and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you end up with!

3. Check Your Finances
Just be realistic about what you can afford if you’re looking to buy on credit with repayments. You have to keep in mind any emergencies that may come up. Do you have an emergency fund to cover them? It can be a good idea to set up at least a $1000 minimum emergency fund so you can handle any issues that come up and still maintain all your repayments.

Buying a new car is super fun, take your time, shop around and make a smart decision. Good luck car shopping!