3 places to go on holiday with the best exchange rates in 2016

Though it might not seem like it from within, the UK economy is actually comparatively strong in contrast to some potential holiday destinations. This means there are places you may already want to go that will offer you extra value for money thanks to an exchange rate that works massively in our favour.

With summer coming up, you might be looking get inspired on where to charter a flight to for your next vacation. The tendency for exchange rates to fluctuate based on varying economies, means you might want to go sooner rather than later, but these holiday destinations will certainly give you more for less in 2016.Algarve22211 – Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is already a very popular tourist destination for those seeking sun, sea and sand. If you have ever considered lounging in a deckchair on the beaches of Portugal, now is the time to make that trip to the Algarve. The Post Office’s 2016 Holiday Money Report has found the cost of a holiday in Portugal has fallen by 19%. This is not down to exchange rates, of course, since Portugal uses the same Euro as much of Europe. Instead, the low cost of food and drink makes the Algarve in Portugal is the best value holiday destination for UK tourists.sunrise-690493_960_7202 – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Competition with the Algarve has driven prices in Sunny Beach down by 12%, according to This Is Money. Sunny Beach lives up to its name, with some of the best weather in Europe. A plethora of clubs and bars can cater to your partying needs, and a variety of watersports centres can teach you the ropes of jetskiing.

Visiting Sunny Beach is just 18 pence more expensive than visiting the Algarve, and even though only one of them promises it in the name, they both offer extremely sunny beaches. While Algarve has the famous natural caves, Sunny Beach is more about manmade fun – the kind of fun you can have at the very affordable Action Waterpark. Wherever you choose to go, you know you will be saving money on either of these destinations.cape-town-102825_960_7203 – Cape Town, South Africa

The price of a holiday in Cape Town has fallen by 20% since 2016, according to the same Post Office report. Exchange rates do play a part here; One British pound will get you twenty-one South African rand. If you want to take a long haul holiday and come back with some change to spare, Cape Town could be the place for you.

Cape Town offers visitors a different kind of beach entirely. Located at the base of some picaresque mountains, Cape Town’s Boulders Beach is home to 3,000 penguins. If you aren’t interested in soaking up the sun surrounded by your new smooth-feathered friends, Cape Town is also one of the most exciting cities in the world at the moment, with beautiful scenery and a great nightlife.

It’s hard to see everything Cape Town has to offer from the ground alone, so a Cape Town helicopter tour is essential.