How To Drive Safe?

You keep hearing about road accidents every now and then. When driving on the roads, it is your duty to do so responsibly. You have to be careful at all times, not solely for the sake of your life but also for that of others. Here is a list of simple tips and tricks you must follow to avoid mishaps on roads. After all, driving safe hurts no one.article 5.21. Wear your seat belt: Most of you do not give enough credit to your car’s seat belts. The truth is, it can actually save your life. You cannot trust the air bag to open up in time in the event of an accident. Hence, it is better to take control by wearing your seat belt.

2. Drive within the speed limit: There is a reason as to why a speed limit exists. It differs from place to place, depending on the build of the road or bridge and on the amount of traffic that it sees. No matter how late you are or what emergency you are in, do not exceed the speed limit. When it comes to accidents, your excuse of ‘it was the first time I did that’ will not count.

3. Be attentive at all times: Undivided attention to the road and everything that is going on there is a must for every driver. You must not eat, take calls or do any other thing that diverts or distracts you while driving.7241525198_43bb4f3163_b4. Avoid driving if unwell: Give yourself a break from sitting behind the wheel when unwell. When you are sick, you are restless and hence unable to properly concentrate on driving.You might not take your headache, backache or any another problem too seriously, but this negligence may prove to be fatal. Also, never, ever, drink and drive. You might think yourself able and steady enough to drive, but when drunk you do lose control over your senses.

5. Follow signs and rules: The easiest and the most beneficial thing you can do as a driver is to take into account the various signs and rules on and of the road. For example, it is essential to be patient when stuck in a red light and wait for it to turn green before you move.

As accidents can still occur no matter how safely you drive, it is always better to have back ups. Insuring your car well on time can save you a lot of trouble in case that happens. Car insurance companies such as AIG offer you great plans to choose from. You can go for the one that suits your car and convenience.