Money saving home improvements you could tackle now

Sometimes you simply have to take a proactive stance in order to save money and nowhere is this truer than around the home. There are many things that can be done that will give you immediate results and some of them won’t cost you a penny. Money saving home improvements are great because they are things that you can do that really make a difference. It’s all very well spending hours online searching for a new energy supplier or getting a better rate of interest from a different bank or mortgage, but when it comes to making positive changes that kick in right away, home improvements just can’t be beaten.


Why home improvements?

No matter how much time you spend in your home, whether you are a stay at home parent, work from home or actually spend most of your waking hours away from it doing a job, your domestic environment should help you relax and wind down. Having any number of niggling jobs to do around the house can get in the way of this, so making home improvements will not only save you money but also create a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

The benefits of doing home improvements yourself

Of course, some jobs need a professional but any home improvement projects you can take on and finish successfully not only save on labour costs but also provide personal satisfaction. There are projects that don’t necessarily have to be expensive and really just need you to invest some time and effort to complete.

Money saving ideas

Wasted energy can be expensive, so if you live in a draughty building heat can literally escape from cracks and gaps and cost you pounds in the colder months. Simply by filling in around badly fitting door and window frames you can dramatically reduce heat loss and this is cheap and easy to do. Doors, both external and internal, can be fitted with sticky strips of draught excluder material that doesn’t require any tools or additional adhesives to be fixed into place. For bigger cracks around outside doorframes and windows, tubes of acrylic sealant offer a perfect solution and little more than a steady hand is needed to make for a professional level application job.


Prevention is cheaper than cure

If you have ever had problems that needed the attention of a professional plumber, you will know that their services don’t come cheap. The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ is certainly true here, as you can often nip potential problems in the bud and avoid costly call-out charges. If you notice a small drip or leak from a tap or waste pipe you should never ignore it in the hope it will get better and go away. Instead, be brave and investigate a little yourself. By using online tutorials you will more than likely be able to identify the problem and sometimes it can mean simply buying a new push-fit pipe connector for a couple of pounds.

Stylish solutions

There are many creative and stylish solutions to home improvements that don’t involve getting down on the floor, climbing ladders or putting your head under the kitchen sink. Even the most efficient and well-sealed windows will lose some heat through the glass itself; so indoor decor window coverings can also be another factor in cutting energy bills. Having heavy hanging curtains isn’t to everyone’s taste, which is where the many benefits of shutters come into play. Not only can they be made to measure to ensure a perfect fit, they also come in various materials so the range of colours and aesthetic appeal is almost limitless. Shutters can also add an extra layer of security, and as most types have various options for opening and closing, they give added flexibility to letting in natural light. What’s even better is that in most cases it an easy job to fit them yourself, so you don’t need to worry about extra costs.

Hands on

Whichever area of home improvements you decide to tackle, the main thing is that you will be going for a ‘hands on’ approach and be making a difference that you can see straight away. Solving that annoying dripping tap and stopping it turning into a full-blown problem is one thing, while cutting down on wasted heating costs and making you rooms look great with new shutters is another. Each gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you have made the difference yourself and are saving money in the end.