Why you should gamble online

If you haven’t yet tried gambling online, you may not be aware, but you’ve been missing out. There are actually a number of great benefits available for those who like to bet online at different casinos such as cherry casino instead of going to an actual casino in Las Vegas, Atlanta or elsewhere, and here are just a few:


It’s far cheaper to gamble online than it is to gamble in real life- especially if you like to travel to casinos.

Assuming you’re heading to Las Vegas, you can expect to spend at least $400 on flights, $70 if you plan to keep your car at the airport, at least $200 if you’d like to rent a car, $700 for food (Vegas is expensive), $300 for tickets to a show, $500-$1000 for accommodation, and then you also need to add in the money you’d like to spend on gambling.

When you’re gambling online you’re only paying for your data plan or internet (which you would obviously pay for anyway), your computer or smartphone (which you also will already have), and the money you’re playing with. Your gambling bankroll will also usually go much further online, and considering you won’t need to miss work to travel to a casino, all of this extra cash could be spent on actually gambling- meaning a much higher chance of winning.


Let’s face it, travelling isn’t exactly convenient. You’re not at home, you don’t have your kid’s toys (if you’re travelling with your children), you’re in a different city, and you’re dealing with strict baggage rules, crowded planes, airports, and more. When you’re at home and gambling online, you literally only need to open your laptop, head to your favourite online gambling site, log in, and you’re ready to go.


Sure, brick and mortar casinos have lots of variety, and you can choose from hundreds of different games simply by going for a stroll. However there’s still a ceiling on the number of games that one of these casinos can offer since they also need to have room for restaurants, hotel rooms, bathrooms, staff, and shops. When you’re gambling at a real casino, you have to accept that not every casino will have the table game, video poker, or slot that you’re looking for. And if they do happen to have it, there are also likely to be other people interested- meaning you may need to wait your turn or risk missing out if the casino is particularly busy.

Even if you’re somewhere like Las Vegas which is jam packed with hotels, you may still need to move between hotels, which can take time and energy.

Online casinos don’t have these problems- you’re likely to find hundreds or thousands of games, with a huge amount of variety to keep you occupied- all without needing to leave the couch. And even if one online casino doesn’t have the exact game you’re looking for, you’ll easily be able to find it on another website.