Why you should get outdoor lighting

For most people who have a garden, they are increasingly living in them and using them as an extension to their house- meaning they expect that their comfort levels will stay the same both inside and outside.

Lighting is a big way which you can create a welcoming and pleasant outdoor space, making it easier to entertain, cook, and move around safely at night. It also helps establish the mood of your backyard, whether you’re in the process of planning a full-blown party complete with neon uplighting and fairy lights, or an intimate dinner for two.

For gardens that look basic during the day, outdoor lighting from www.thelightingsuperstore.co.uk can transform it into a magical space at night time. If you want to personalise your backyard, be creative with your lighting, mixing traditional lanterns and candles with submersible spotlights in water features and electrical uplights. While there is a huge variety of outdoor lighting ready to install, from fluorescent and halogen lighting to LEDs and fibre optics, some choices are more complicated that others when it comes to installation, so you may want to consult with a lighting designer or electrician- unless the system is able to be installed by DIYers.


Outdoor lighting is a great way to significantly increase the enjoyment you feel with your garden, so you can view it at night and during the day. Many of us work long hours and during the week we only see our gardens after dark. If you’re predominantly using your backyard as a night garden, great outdoor lighting is essential, along with comfortable seating, outdoor fireplaces or heaters, and scented plants.

Just like paving, lighting is something that is best planned before you build your garden. While you can still install a comprehensive system in a garden that has already been established you may need to get a lighting designer or skilled tradesperson on hand to help.

It’s crucial to think about the type of atmosphere that you’re trying to create before you choose your lighting. Different lighting options will suit different functions of backyard spaces, so you’ll want to think about how you usually use your backyard and highlight key spaces, resisting lighting the entire backyard- by spacing out your lights you can incorporate mysterious spots of darkness.

Well-chosen outdoor lighting will also help improve access as you’re moving around and will guide your visitors along paths, driveways, steps, boardwalks, and changes of level. They can also be used to highlight the edge of a deck or garden bed to keep everyone safe, just ensure that you’re avoiding blinding lights that will glare and shine into visitors’ eyes as they’re moving around your garden.

If you have water features, submersible lighting is an excellent way to draw attention to features that are often overlooked during the day (while ensuring safety). There are numerous ways that you can use water and lighting together to provide focal points throughout your backyard.

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