Top 5 Marketing Secrets to Make Your Business Stand Out This 2018

There’s hardly any business niche left that doesn’t already have several brands within it vying for supremacy. Because of the level of competition that exists within each business environment, it’s very easy for a brand to become overshadowed within the milling crowd and thus overlooked by potential customers.

If your business was one of those that was overlooked last year by customers, below are five marketing secrets you can utilise in 2018 to make your brand and services stand out from the crowd.

  1. Let your customers know their specific needs that you can satisfy

It’s no longer sufficient to simply let customers know the products or services you have available. You need to take things a step further by revealing to customers how your products can specifically help those within your target market. By doing this, you’ll be speaking directly to the needs of your customers and letting them know that you have the product to satisfy and make them happy.


  1. Offer result based guarantees

Because of the number of businesses out there currently offering similar products, customers often have a hard time confidently picking which brand to patronise to satisfy their needs. To set your business apart from others offering products similar to yours, win over clients by offering them guarantees on your products.

A product with a guarantee is a clear sign that the seller is confident in the performance of that product. So confident that he/she is willing to offer cash back or some other guarantee if that product fails. By making such a confident offer to clients, you will bolster the confidence of customers in your product and thus get them to buy. In the event a guarantee is breached, you can minimise cost by indemnifying yourself with the right business insurance.

  1. Use past experience to your advantage

This is twofold; you can market your services with the past experiences of your satisfied shoppers or use your personal past experience. You can use the past experience of your satisfied customers to your advantage by showcasing their positive reviews or feedback to other customers. This will indicate that your business has a clear track record of customer satisfaction.

You can also use your personal past experience to market your business. For instance, a highly decorated police officer currently running a private investigation (PI) firm can market his/her past experience to advantage.

  1. Unique selling point

Your brand’s unique selling point (USP) is the distinctive feature that separates your services from that of other businesses. Your USP could be speed of delivery, lower prices, higher quality, better customer service, etc. Whatever your unique selling point is, make sure to communicate it to your clients. It’s an effective way to distinguish your business and show how you are better than the rest.

  1. Make a unique offer.

Take a look at what your competitors are offering and offer customers something that’s unlike what anyone else has available. Examples of such could be free delivery or home services.

By applying these tips, your business can grow from an obscure brand to a stand out and more competitive one within a short time.