Sports Betting Continues to Evolve. What will 2016 Bring?

Have you spent some time looking at the many options available for sports betting? And have you looked for the sports betting site with best odds? Sports betting continues to be one of the most popular forms of betting, as people love to bet on their favourite sports teams and players.

This type of betting has been around since the Romans would bet with each other, and yet in many countries it’s still illegal. The United Kingdom is one place where residents can enjoy the freedom to bet on their favourite teams and can bet in multiple different ways, including in person, online or by phone. One of the reasons why sports betting is so popular in the UK is due to the huge emphasis on football, with fans hugely into their different teams and willing to lay money on the line for different games.
Comparing the UK to India is like comparing apples to oranges. Sports betting is still illegal in India, which has done little to put a stop to the practice- people use illegal betting syndicates which are worth an estimated $150 billion each year and have links to organised crime. If sports betting was legal, this money could be taxed and put to good use, especially since the country has such high levels of poverty and so many people who don’t have the opportunity to get an education.

In the United States, sports betting is still illegal- something that you may find surprising. Many leaders in the sports world have condemned sports betting, feeling that legalising the practice would increase gambling as a whole, something that studies have proven is actually unlikely to happen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a result of the outcry against sports betting, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was introduced, which only allows four states in the whole country to legally bet on sports. Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA continues to be outspoken against the act, championing legalised sports betting, since the tax can bring in huge amounts of revenue to each state, which can be used to fund many different programs.

Online sports betting is illegal in Australia, although Australians can still bet on the phone or in person. Mobile apps are also becoming even more popular, as these are technically not illegal and allow punters to quickly and easily bet on their favourite teams. Sports betting is legal in New Zealand, and players can bet online as long as they use the TAB website and stay away from operators from abroad.

Online sports betting has come a long way over the years, and is sure to continue to expand into many different countries. It’s really only a matter of time until most countries legalise it, as the world becomes smaller and it becomes easier to skirt the rules. Be sure to spend some time looking at your online sports betting options if you’d like to make watching your favourite sport even more exciting.