Simple Hacks for Reducing Your Health Costs

As we age, our health is not quite what it once was. We noticed more aches in our body, we can’t handle hangovers as we used to, and our fitness level seems to be disappearing. Add a busy lifestyle into the mix and you have a recipe for ‘letting yourself go’ and potentially suffering from some illnesses. I know that healthcare can wind up being expensive, so I’ve made this post to help you keep your costs down and give you some suggestions of small changes you can make. If you’re interested, keep reading about my favourite simple hacks for reducing your health costs.


Get Yourself a European Health Insurance Card

This is of course mostly valid for those lovely readers who are from the EU or more specifically from the UK. The EHIC: European Health Insurance Card is an almost magical card that allows you free or reduced cost treatment in many of the countries within the EEA and in addition Switzerland. This means if you’re studying, working, or living overseas but within these countries and you have your EHIC you will save a lot of money should you need medical services. Make sure you keep your card up to date as expired cards will not afford you the benefits discussed in this article.

Take a Probiotic

If you’re suffered from low energy or poor digestion, a probiotic may be the simplest fix you’ll find on the market. Because our modern diet is so different to what we would have eaten 1000 or even 100 years ago, often the foods we’re eating are placing a strain on our digestive system. For example, a diet too high in sugar will result in an imbalance of gut bacteria. Taking a probiotic is a simple, inexpensive step that will allow you to feel better and have more energy. By taking care of your digestive system, you are going to help avoid a whole host of nasty and expensive medical conditions.


Stay in Shape

You knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? Many of us are carrying a little bit extra weight, especially around our midline. While there’s nothing wrong with being a few pounds too heavy, if we continue to gain weight there are numerous studies showing adverse health affects. A simple consequence of being overweight is simply the fact that we place so much extra strain on our organs, especially our hearts. Staying in shape is a simple way to reduce our chances of falling ill and will keep our health costs low.

These three simple hacks will help ensure that you reduce your health costs as much as possible. They’re simple changes that you can start with right now!