How to get your financial blog exposed

These days, many individuals who love working in the financial sector have discovered that they can explore their interest and make money at the same time by starting a blog. If you’ve recently begun a financial blog and want to ensure that it attains as much exposure as possible, it’s important for you to know that there are many strategies you can employ to make it happen. Here are five of them:


  1. Content, Content, Content.

If you’re serious about ensuring that your financial blog attains as much exposure as possible, make sure that you focus on your content. As many digital marketing experts know, content is one of the central factors that readers will engage when attempting to learn more about your brand. Luckily, there are numerous techniques that you can employ to optimize your content. One of them is focusing on making the content more scannable. This step is important because research shows that most online readers do not read content in entirety. Rather, they scan the content to find the information they’re looking for. There are several textual elements you can integrate into your blog posts to ensure that they are scannable. Some of them include:

  • highlighted keywords
  • headings
  • subheadings
  • bulleted lists
  • inverted pyramid style writing
  • concise calls to action
  • one idea per paragraph

Another strategy you can employ to optimize your content is the inclusion of infographics. These colorful, information-packed tools enable your readers to quickly access important statistics and facts that shed light on a subject they find intriguing or relevant to their personal and professional lives.

  1. Establish Your Credibility.

In addition to developing incredible content, financial bloggers should make sure that they establish their credibility. This step is important because studies have shown that web users don’t really know who is behind the screen and whether the content can be trusted. To establish your credibility as a blogger on financial topics, make sure that you use outbound hypertext links. Doing so helps legitimate your claims by showing readers that you are analyzing and using research to back up the statements you make. When you use outbound links, make sure that they are to credible sources. Some excellent sources to use include,, and

Another strategy you should employ to establish your credibility is to write well. While many financial bloggers are skilled in analyzing numerical data and figures, they are not all effective in articulating their findings through the written word. Yet if you want to show your audience that you are truly an authority on the subject you’re discussing, you have to write well. With this idea in mind, you may want to consider taking an online writing course to familiarize yourself with how to construct an excellent blog post for Internet audiences. Once you establish credibility with these strategies, your blog will become authoritative and thereby gain more traffic and attention.


  1. Become A Thought Leader.

This strategy pertains to the last one because it is all about increasing your exposure by showing audiences that you are a credible source of information. As many marketing experts know, one great way to accomplish this objective is by becoming a thought leader. Thought leaders are individuals who regularly publish valuable data pertaining to subjects relevant within their field. With this idea in mind, consider the value of supplementing your blog posts with eBooks and journal articles that have been subjected to peer review.

  1. Use Share Buttons.

If you’re serious about ensuring that your financial blog gains as much exposure as possible, make sure to use Share Buttons. These buttons enable your readers to forward the information from your blog post to individuals across diverse social media platforms, including Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Share Buttons can cause your financial blog content to go viral, meaning that you could potentially share your blog brand with millions of people in a matter of minutes.


  1. Let The Professionals Help You.

In many cases, one of the easiest and most time-saving ways to gain more exposure for your financial blog is by hiring a team of digital experts. These individuals possess the extensive experience and education necessary to create an online campaign that empowers you to connect with as many members of your target market as possible. Some of the services digital professionals may employ to accomplish this objective include:

  • Online reputation management
  • Social media optimization
  • Link building
  • Keyword analysis
  • Target market research

In many cases, digital firms can also offer clients diverse public relations services that optimize their interaction with the general public, their specific audience, and the media. Some of the PR services a digital team may offer include:

  • Analytics
  • Consumer engagement online
  • Digital strategy
  • Community management
  • Social media content creation
  • Campaign management

Finally, some digital marketing agencies offer WordPress hosting services that can help you manage your own hosting account and the cPanel. In some cases, WordPress hosting services may also include security services.

Summing It All Up

If you run a financial blog and want to ensure that it attains maximum exposure in the online realm, now is the time to implement marketing techniques that will help you realize this business-building goal. You can use some or all of the advertising strategies listed above to get your financial blog going and growing immediately.