Should you Buy Made in Britain?

A recent survey looked at whether most people would prefer to buy products which are Made in Britain, or those which are made abroad.

Interestingly, it revealed that 58% of shoppes in the UK said would rather buy items made in Britain over foreign-made goods, while 25% said they wouldn’t, and 17% didn’t care either way.

It seems that Brits are also happy to pay extra for products which were made in Britain, with 40% saying they would. While 39% said they would not, 21% of people said it would depend on what the product actually was.

For respondents who answered that they were happy to pay more for goods which were manufactured in the UK, they were then asked which ones they would buy, and could choose from a list.made_in_britain_ribbon_149% said that they would choose shoes, accessories, and clothing, 43% said it would be technology such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones, and 41% said they would buy health and beauty products. Small electrical goods such as microwaves sounded appealing to 37% of people, while white goods were the least popular at 34%.

When respondents were asked why they would choose to buy products which are made in the UK, 37% said they would buy them for the boost to the UK economy, 42% said it would be for better working conditions and pay, while 21% said that it would provide more job opportunities.

Mark Pearson is the founder of My Voucher Codes, the company which did the research on this topic.

When asked about the results he said it was “fantastic” that so many people want to buy British, however he called it “unfortunate that people are less likely to buy if goods and products are more expensive than those made abroad.Consumers-would-pay-more-for-Made-in-Britain_strict_xxlHe believes that if the service and quality was easier for the items, people would be happy to buy products made in the UK.

As more and more people begin to wake up to the terrible conditions of workers overseas, it’s easy to see why people would prefer to buy products which are made in Britain. Unfortunately, the fact that products can be made so much cheaper in countries like India, China, and Bangladesh, has caused consumers to get used to these prices-making products which are made in the UK seem expensive in comparison.

Before buying products which are made abroad, think about where they’re from, and if possible, do some research into the working conditions in these countries.3237_0_largeKnowledge is power when it comes to where you choose to buy your products, and by buying goods produced in Britain, not only are you supporting the British economy and creating jobs for Brits, you’re refusing to support sub-standard work and pay conditions abroad.

The more people who learn about the factory collapses, minimal income, and excruciatingly long hours, of these workers overseas, the more people will vote with their wallets, and choose to buy products which are made in Britain.

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