How to save money on your car insurance this year

With car insurance costs set to average over £800 per year for the first time ever, as The Telegraph has reported, saving money on your premiums has never been so important. As we all know, there is a plethora of different insurers and policies to choose from, and almost as many comparison websites to help you find the best deal, but there are also a number of things you can do yourself to reduce the costs of your plan. Here we give you some specifics to help save you money on your insurance.

Opt for a temporary policy

It’s simple mathematics, the more people insured to drive your car, the more it costs to insure. Of course, if multiple people drive your car on a regular basis, they all need to be covered on the policy, but that doesn’t mean everyone who might drive it has to be a permanent fixture. Whatever the reason may be, if somebody is only likely to use your car for a short period, adding them to the insurance on a temporary basis will save you money and still ensure they’re covered when needed.


Keep your car insurable

While it may sound like common sense, many people are unaware that their car’s insurance can be invalidated based on its condition. As well as making your car safer in general – a major factor when driving – keeping your vehicle checks up to date will give you greater peace of mind with your insurance. Should the worst happen and you are involved in an accident having neglected the tread on your tyres, your insurers will not be willing to cover your claim, which could end up leaving you with some massive costs to pay. For the sake of paying considerably less, having a professional look over your vehicle’s safety, such as with Wiltshire Tyres’ ten-point check, will ensure you don’t get caught out at a later date.

Pay the right way

Depending on how your insurance costs are structured, you could be saving a lot of money over the course of the year with just a couple of changes. When paying monthly direct debit instalments, Which? has discovered that some policies can be charging you up to an extra 40% in interest. Now, we don’t expect everyone to be able to pay their entire annual coverage in one go, but switching to paying your monthly fees via credit card instead will cut the interest rate significantly.

Make the most of what you have

If your car is listed as being kept on your driveway because your garage is a little bit on the cramped side, filled with old garden furniture say, then you may be missing out on some further savings on your insurance. Spending a little extra time to create a secure, indoor space for your car can be worth it to spend a little less money on your premiums, where costs are often increased for vehicles parked in the elements. Who wouldn’t want to save money while knowing their pride and joy is just that little bit safer at night?