Frugal Mom: Tips for Saving Money as a Mum

Most people think that being a mom is already difficult even if you don’t have to pay attention to every cent you spend on your household’s needs. However tough it may be though, being frugal as a mom is more than possible regardless of how much money you have available. Even more, you don’t have to deprive yourself and your family of nothing by being frugal – and the following tips prove it very well. Read on and find out more:


Cheap Family Entertainment

You don’t have to take your kids to the Mall every Sunday to have fun with them and you don’t have to spend more than a couple dollars to spend some real quality time with your family. One example of a “budget-friendly” activity you can make with your kid is renting a Redbox movie, making some popcorn and some lemonade and simply enjoying each other’s presence.

Careful on How You Buy Brand Grocery

Grocery shopping is on any mom’s to-do list – and it is one of the most expensive “monthly bills” as well. You can save tons of money on the long term by being careful with buying brand grocery. Many times, you pay an extra price just because your grocery has a branded package on it, when its quality is exactly the same as the generic grocery items.

If you really want to buy a particular type of branded grocery, you can definitely do this for cheap by watching out for the store’s deals, sales and coupons. By combining these, you can get quality grocery items for almost no money at all.


Toys Don’t Have to Cost a Lot

You can find a lot of sources of inspiration online on how to make toys at home, on how to repurpose old items and create toys out of them and on how you can recycle anything from cereal boxes to clothes to create really beautiful toys for your kids. Plus, this is a wonderful way to spend some time together, so it will definitely be more than worth it!

Dollar Store Items Can Be a Lifesaver

Dollar store items are, most frequently, dismissed as being of a poor quality, but the truth is that many of them are simply regular (and generic). Dishwashing sponges, lunchboxes and a wide range of other items can be bought for cheap here – and they will save you tons of money on the long term.


Portion Control

This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but the truth is that a lot of people simply don’t give it much attention. Portion control can help you stay healthy and it can help you save money as well. Believe it or not, neither your body, nor the body of your kid needs an extra portion of stake, potatoes or cake. Of course, nobody says you should “under-portion” your food, but sticking to normal portions can really go a long way both when it comes to health and when it comes to budget.