Frugal Family: Fun Activities That Aren’t Expensive

Many times, people believe that being frugal is also synonymous with not having fun or not living a happy life. However, this is completely not true. In fact, people who have chosen to live a frugal lifestyle can confirm this: they are happier and they have more “clean” fun than ever. How to do it as well? Here are some really fun activities you can do with your family and that are not expensive at all:


Movie Nights

You don’t need to spend a fortune on your movie nights. Renting a movie from Redbox or subscribing to an online streaming service such as Netflix will cost you literally a few dollars a month – and it can provide you and your family with tons of fun moments. There are a lot of family-friendly shows and movies out there – and aside from the actual DVD or streaming service, you will not need much else than a bowl of popcorn (which costs less than $1) and some lemonade. Cheap, fun and family-friendly!

Spend Some Time in the Great Outdoors

This will not only be really fun for the entire family (especially if your kids are a bit older and they can follow you on hiking trails), but it will also be extremely healthy – and nearly free. Aside from some water, some smartphone apps to help you guide yourself and the willingness to do this, you don’t need much else. But you will definitely have a lot of fun!


Homemade Fun

Homemade/ DIY projects can bring the entire family together, can make the kids feel included in “serious, adult tasks” and it can also stimulate everyone’s creativity like nothing else. Baking some cookies with your kids, repurposing cereal boxes, making DIY playdough – all of these things cost almost nothing at all and they are fun to do at any age.

Board Games

Invest in some good, fun board games (such as Monopoly – but there are tons of other options out there if you are not particularly fond of this game). Get some cheap snacks (pretzels, crackers, popcorn, some lemonade) and simply play the games. You have a lot of options, they can never get boring and they are suitable for all ages (so if your kids have different ages, they will all have fun).


Work It Out

As you may very well know it, working out can bring your body tremendous benefits. Everything, from your blood circulation to your general mood will be improved. Working out does not have to be expensive at all. If you want to, you can invest in some cheap bikes and go biking together. Also, there are many other cheap sports options you can include in your family’s “fun repertoire” too (soccer balls are inexpensive, badminton sets are equally inexpensive and installing a basketball “court” in your backyard will not cost you much more either). Plus, everyone will get the chance to understand what a truly healthy lifestyle means while having fun as well!