What you can expect from Menswear Style this Year

Staying fashionable doesn’t have to break the bank, and there are plenty of ways to embrace menswear style without needing to buy couture.

Whether you’re used to being on point when it comes to fashion or you’re brand new to being a stylish kinda guy, here’s what you can expect this year:

Trim fitting, colourful suits

The current trend for ultra-tight suits will relax slightly, with looser jackets and pants and less ankle showing (yay). Expect to see more colour, as men look for ways to stand out. While this doesn’t mean that yellow suits will be fashionable anytime soon, you may see a brighter shade of navy, a few more patterns and stripes and even dark navy tuxedos.

Trendy Sportswear

This will be continuing on from 2015, and the “luxury” gym clothes trend is expected to gather momentum, as men embrace style and sweat.

Sneakers are back

Sneakers of all kinds will be seen on men’s feet this year, from the luxury running shoes by Nike to the minimalist look of Common Project, you’ll also see woven aspects on sneakers, and every size, cover and shape will be popular this year. This is excellent news for guys who like to pair sneakers and jeans or “sneans”.
Longer Hair

This could be a good or bad thing, depending on the type of hair you suit. Men are expected to wear their hair a little longer this year, and most barbers said that men were already beginning to prefer textured and layered cuts to the close-cropped style that was previously popular.

Green is back

For guys who love green, you’re in luck, as the colour makes a comeback this year. Think bomber jackets in olive colours and, dark green shoes, trousers, or mens accessories. Just remember not to go overboard with this colour, as there’s a fine line between embracing fashion and looking like you’re joining the army.

Death to the man bun

Finally! This year we can expect the man-bun to die a slow death, which is great news for many people. Men will be looking for more dignified, neater hairstyles instead of the hipster man-bun.
Beards will leave

Bad news for beards, the opposite sex still prefer a more clean-shaven look. Men are predicted to begin to realise that this year, and many beard-fans may just grab their razor and slowly start cutting down on their facial hair.

Pleats are back

Pleated banks have been derided, with most stylists declaring that they’re unflattering. However the right pleat with the right pants can actually add a lot of interest to an outfit, so this may just be one trend that you’ll want to embrace.

Rock on

If you’ve always wanted to look like a rock star, 2016 is your year. Biker jackets and Chelsea boots are two of the hottest items this year, and if you’re short on cash you can find both of these at thrift shops for a unique, vintage look.