How to Save Money When Learning to Drive

Learning to drive is absolutely essential for the majority of people, however it can also be a very expensive process. When learning to drive, it’s not unusual to end up spending hundreds of pounds on not only lessons, but also on the theory and practical tests. Learning materials such as CDs, books and mobile apps for revising can also cost money, adding up in the long run. If you’re learning to drive and are on a budget, you might be wondering if there is anything that you can do to save yourself some cash throughout the process. Here are just some of our best money saving tips for learner drivers.

pexels-photo (1)Free Learning Materials

Rather than spending money on paid mobile apps, books and CDs, head over to and take advantage of the free learning materials and practice questions to get ready for your theory test. Although it’s probably the cheapest part of the whole process of learning to drive, making sure that you get the right amount of practice in for your theory test is important in order to ensure that you pass the first time around and don’t end up costing yourself more money in paying for repeat test sittings.

pexels-photo-13781New Driver Offers

If you are learning to drive for the first time and have never driven a car before, you will be able to take advantage of a whole range of new driver offers which are available from many different, reputable driving schools and instructors across the UK. Whilst some driving establishments may offer your first one or two lessons free, for example, others could even give you your first five or ten lessons at a hugely reduced rate. When searching for a driving instructor, it’s a good idea to keep your eye out for these deals and compare the different ones on offer to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money. Once you’ve taken advantage of the deal, paying for lessons in blocks is often the cheapest option – rather than requiring you to pay per lesson, many driving instructors will offer an alternative to pay up front for multiple lessons at a time at a cheaper rate.

road-car-tirePass First Time

When learning to drive, putting as much effort as possible into ensuring that you pass the first time around is essential to saving money. The practical driving test is definitely not cheap, and on top of that you will usually need to pay your driving instructor the hourly rate for the use of their car during the test. Although you may not be able to completely control the outcome of your test, it’s essential to put in as much practice as possible and make sure that you are completely ready for the test before you take it. Retaking your test multiple times could end up costing you dearly, which is why doing the best you can to try and get it right first time is vital to spending as little as possible.

When you put your mind to it, you don’t have to spend any more than necessary on learning to drive!