Do You Need A TV If You Have A Smartphone?

How much TV do you watch? And then think about how much you use your smartphone to watch videos or streaming apps. Is there one medium that stands out? For some, it will be the smartphone, and it could be that they use it far more than a standard TV. So if that’s the case, do you really need a TV if you have a smartphone? It’s a good question, and here are some ideas for both sides of the debate. 

Smartphones Are Versatile 

One thing that makes the smartphone something people might choose over and above a traditional TV is that it’s so versatile. Wrapped up in that compact frame is a device that doesn’t just allow you to watch TV and stream movies, but that also gives you the opportunity to communicate with others, browse the web, play games, and even work. It can do pretty much anything you want it to, and that’s not necessarily the same with a TV. If you had to choose, in that case, the smartphone would probably be victorious. 

The convenience of carrying your personalised gateway to entertainment around with you no matter where you go is another benefit. Whether you’re taking a break during a workout (or even working out, as might be the case), commuting, or you want to spend a few minutes winding down before bed, the smartphone provides you that opportunity. You can’t carry a TV with you everywhere you go, but you can carry a smartphone. Plus, you can make your smartphone even more versatile by installing a VPN. When you know how to hide IP address on iPhone through a virtual private network, you’ll be able to bypass geographical restrictions and steam a lot more than you would in normal circumstances. 

TVs Are More Immersive 

Although smartphones obviously offer unprecedented convenience, you have to think of other things as well before you decide to get rid of your TV for good. The TV, with its larger screen and enhanced resolution, will give you a much more immersive viewing experience, and you’re far less likely to get distracted or disturbed, meaning you can really enjoy your show and focus on what you’re watching. 

The fact that your TV will have a larger screen means you’ll see more, and you’ll get more detail, and that can make all the difference in whether you really enjoy something you’re watching or not. In other words, viewing something on a TV tends to be a more positive experience, especially when it comes to movies

Shared Or Solitary? 

Both TVs and smartphones have their pros and cons, but one final idea that might help you decide if you’re not sure if you need a TV anymore because you have a smartphone is the fact that watching something on a phone is usually a more solitary experience, whereas TV can be a shared one. 

When you’re gathered around a TV, you can make great memories and share moments with friends and family, and that’s not something that will happen when you’re using your phone – there’s just no room for everyone to crowd around and watch something together in that way. The smartphone is great, but it does often isolate people, and that’s not always a good thing.