5 Things that You Need When Hosting a Halloween Movie Night

The restrictions brought by Coronavirus has brought many changes in our lives, especially for the moms. Adjusting in the new normal has restricted us to do many things together to avoid being infected with COVD-19. We can no longer go outside and dine without wearing masks and practicing social distancing. 

And for this upcoming Halloween, while most of us plan to do Trick-or-Treating, some moms just want a laid back celebration. You want to spend the night with your friends and their kids and have them drop you a visit perhaps? Or maybe schedule a nightcap with your long lost friends after the kids fast asleep after having gone back from their quarantine costume party. A laid back movie night with your old time friends might just be what you need to break away from the anxiety caused by the pandemic.

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Here are 5 things that you need when hosting a Halloween movie night: 

Set the mood with the proper lighting. Before you even turn on your TV and play the movie, you need to make sure that you have proper lighting in the room. No one wants to watch a movie in a bright room for one. However, since you are going to watch a Halloween special, might as well throw in there a little creativity. You can light a few scented candles to calm your mood down, or make you feel the Halloween spirit more with having pumpkin scent on your candles. This should set your mood ready for the fright that’s ahead.

Decide on what to watch. There are hundreds of movie options available on online streaming sites, but how do you agree on which one to watch? You can cast votes on what type of horror movie you’d like in the lineup. Prepare about one to two movies for the night, having different intensity and scare levels for each movie. Come up with a variety with your options so your minds won’t get stressed and your hearts not pounding too much after finishing a three-movie marathon in one night.

Cozy up your viewing area. You can set up a projector in your backyard where you risk hearing ambient noise which can add to the scare effect while watching. Or, maybe by the swimming pool so you could take a dip in between movies. Or maybe inside the house where Halloween wall decors will welcome your visitors as they step in the room. Make sure that you have some nice cushions for your visitors to use – throw pillows, blankets and bean bags for starters.

Not only just your eyes, but your palates need to be satisfied, too. Throw in some chips, or maybe the classic popcorn in different flavors. Or maybe your friends prefer to order boxes of pizza, or some Chinese food around the block. Or if you have time, you can cook and serve the food right before the movies start. What is important is that the movie experience should be more enjoyable when there is food to grab.

Last, but not least – the booze. Here, again, have a consensus. Ask for each of your visitors’ preferences for alcohol. Buy them ahead of time and stack some buffers in case you want to extend the fun after the movies are all over.