What are the best ways to fund a year traveling?

If you are taking a year off study or work to travel the globe, it can be a rewarding and exciting experience. When making plans much of your time will be spent on thinking where you will go and all the fabulous things you will do there. The superb life experiences you will have, and the sights you will see, will make it an adventure you will never forget.

But have you thought about money? Specifically, the money you will need to fund your year traveling and that you will need to live on when abroad.

Amazing ways to fund your gap year

If you are short of the required funds for your year travelling, here are some awesome ideas on how to get funds to keep the dream alive:


  • Get a job at home – if you have a period of free time before you head off, why not pick up a job at home? That will allow you to save your monthly paycheck to build up a healthy fund to make your travel dreams a reality. After a few months, you will be surprised at how much money you will have saved.
  • Gifts from family – one very popular way of raising the cash you need is via presents of money from family or friends. That also has the added bonus of not having to work for it! Just remember to stash it away in your savings account for when you need it, rather than spend it at home.
  • Sell some stuff – chances are you have masses of old stuff that you don’t use anymore and could sell. There are many auction and marketplace sites online now that make this very easy to do and it is great for your personal finances. Simply snap a photo of the item, list it and wait for the money to roll in!
  • Get a job out there – if you have no time to pick a job up at home, why not do some work when traveling? Getting paid work when at your new destination is far from impossible and can be found via online jobs boards or by asking other travelers. Just remember to set up a bank account in your new country for your wages to be paid into if you intend to stay for an extended period. That will also make it simple to send funds home for a special family occasion or to receive some money when it is your birthday! Most travelers will use a money transfer company to move money in this way as it is the most secure option. Most major US cities have plenty of money transfer companies to use, so if you are headed to the Big Apple, make sure to check out New York money transfer companies.

Travel the world in style

If you are planning on traveling around for a year, then it really is best to get your funding sorted out. Whether you work while traveling or get your finances sorted before you go, having the money you need to live comfortably will allow you to enjoy the experience to the full.