Top Backyard Upgrades for Hosting at Home When It’s Safe to Do So

It feels like it’s been a lifetime since we’ve been able to have our nearest and dearest over for a backyard barbecue doesn’t it? 2020 is in the past and as the vaccine makes it around the country, COVID restrictions are being lifted and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

After a year of social distancing, you’re going to want to wow your guests with backyard upgrades that’ll make the largest impact. According to insights from top agents, these upgrades are sure to make a splash when you hold your first party in summer 2021.

Swimming pools

The swimming pool is the epitome of summer entertainment! Your guests can play Marco Polo while you’re whipping up a drink or burgers. The kids can splash around while the adults conversate. It’s a winner for everyone. 

Now you could choose between an inflatable pool, above ground pool, or the most popular (and expensive) option is an in-ground pool. But, if you’re thinking about selling a house with a pool, you’ll want to ask your real estate agents for tips for first time sellers with pools. 

Lighting upgrades

Usually when we tackle outdoor upgrades, the lighting may not be one of the first go-tos. However an improved lighting scheme can change the appearance of your home and make it safer for your family and guests. These upgrades can be as simple as swapping out a light fixture by the backdoor or you can go all out by installing solar walkway lights, spotlights or uplights to highlight various features in the yard, or hang string lights around the seating area. 

Grilling station improvements

Charcoal grills may give your burgers that smokey flavor indicative of summer grilling, but you can up your grilling game by building a grilling area fit for a grill master (of the family at least). You could keep it simple by building a built-in grill with a workspace or you could go all out and create an outdoor kitchen with a sink, wet bar, storage and even a small refrigerator.

Cozy outdoor living space

An outdoor living space should go beyond those plastic chairs and the old glass patio table you found on sale. Part of backyard entertaining is to have a cozy seating area where your guests can relax and chat in comfort. 

The outdoor living space can be as simple as a refinished deck or patio surrounded by flower beds or even have an awning put up. A traditionally popular option that continues to be adopted by more people looking to spend time in the sun is to hire a company fitting Solariums near me in Ottawa , ON (or elsewhere more relevant) so you enjoy comfort whilst “outdoors”. Solariums can offer a great space to entertain guests or simply relax, enjoying comfortable seating whilst taking in the sights and sounds of nature around you. If you want your backyard to be a personal oasis, you could build a water feature, plant a vertical garden, or hang an outdoor ceiling fan. Here’s a site with incredible ideas for a luxe outdoor living space.

Yard space for games

Backyard entertainment isn’t just about the pool and grilling – it’s about having fun playing the typical summer games! Homeowners and buyers alike are making the most out of their yards but they’re also making sure to leave space for games like volleyball, tag, cornhole, and more. If you have small children, you could clear out a spot for a swingset or a sandbox. There’s a lot of ways you can utilize your backyard, but you don’t want to use so much of the space that you can’t run around! 

Summer entertaining is a great way to socialize, reconnect, and fortify bonds with your family, friends and neighbors. It’s also a chance to improve your backyard and turn it into an outdoor paradise that will be the envy of the block. The best part is that if you do tackle any of these projects and you’d like to sell your house, the upgrades will attract buyers like bees to honey and the offer’s will start rolling in!