How to Prevent American Cockroach in New Jersey

Each one of us has a right to a clean and healthy home. We need to live in a risk-free place so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. However, even if we clean our house regularly, there’s still a chance that pests will exist. One of the most common pests we see in our house is a cockroach.

An American cockroach can grow up to three inches long. You can track an American cockroach because they have a yellow color behind its head. They are very harmful. That’s because they carry and spread various health risks such as asthma.

Today, we’re going to discuss cockroaches. We will also tackle the harmful diseases it can give to humans. Finally, we will provide some guidelines on how to prevent cockroaches successfully.

Health Risks you can get from Cockroach

Cockroaches are not suitable for health. It carries many diseases that can lead to fever, allergies, and worst, death.

Here are some diseases you can get from cockroaches:

  • Typhoid Fever

Cockroaches can give you a typhoid fever easily. They can get this virus from human waste and expired foods.

  • Salmonella

A cockroach loves to stay in food. Once cockroach reaches your food in the kitchen, it will produce salmonella. Salmonella is food contamination that is very harmful to humans. 

  • Cholera

It is a severe diarrhea infection caused by the cockroach feces and vomit.

What Causes Cockroach to Stay in your Home

Here are the main reasons why cockroaches want to stay in your home:

  • Moisture

Just like humans, a cockroach cannot survive without water. That’s why damp areas are the best place for them to grow.

  • Food

One primary reason why a cockroach wants to stay in your home is food. Generally, cockroaches are scavengers. Leaving your food in an open space is not a good idea. That’s because you’re inviting the pests to live with you.

  • Garbage

The bad smell of the garbage is very appealing to a cockroach.

How to Prevent Cockroach in your Property

  • Prevent Leakage that Causes Moisture

Make sure to check all water sources and cut-off any possible leaks. Cockroaches can only live for seven days without water.

  • Store your Food Properly

We highly suggest that you need to store your food inside the container or refrigerator. Never place foods on top of the table or countertop. That’s because cockroaches will eat these foods.

  • Clean your House Regularly

By cleaning your house every day, it will prevent the growth of American cockroaches. Sweep and mop the floors to get rid of dirt and food crumbs on the floor.

  • Use Insecticide

The insecticide is an excellent way to get rid of cockroaches inside your house. The chemical formula of an insecticide instantly kills any pests. You can purchase it in the market.

Take Away

American cockroaches can infest your properties quickly. If you think cockroaches cause massive damage already, it’s time to look for the experts.

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