Home DIY ideas for those on a budget

Perhaps you often notice that your home has a rather tired look, but sigh when you realize that your financial situation is precariously tight, apparently ruling out large-scale changes toyour residence.

However, once you have gathered all of your DIY equipment, you might notice that even a little tinkering with your residence’s appearance can make a surprisingly big impact. Here are just a few examples of how. Following these tips could also inspire some further creative ideas of your own…


Give walls an injection of color

It’s a simple idea, but there is a good reason why we are beingvague here: there is huge scope for creativity with how you revamp your walls. You could follow Ideal Home‘s advice to either add a feature wall or be bold by decking a whole room in the same intense shade.

Your colorful DIY efforts don’t have to involve dipping into a paint pot, either. One possibility suggested by BuzzFeed is adding peel-and-stick, 3D gel-like tiles to form a kitchen backdrop.

Shuffle a few items around

Maybe, upon closely inspecting your home, it strikes you that you don’t need to buy anything new; it’s really just the layout of this home that is at fault.

Enter just one room and then rearrange some of the pieces. In doing so, you could more clearly see which items in that room are redundant and, therefore, you could benefit from offloading. The options here including selling pieces online or donating them to a charity shop.

Turn existing furniture into storage

Before you take any supposedly unnecessary furniture pieces out of the house, stop to consider whether you could actuallyrefashion them into new, more immediately useful items.

Country Living highlights two particularly tantalizingexamples. By adding pegboard to a closet, you could turn it into a “craft” room. Alternatively, a farmer might be able to lend you old peach crates from which you could make some bookcases.

Buy some new pillows

If your budget won’t stretch to the purchase of a new sofa, you could still refresh your old sofa’s look by adding an array of new cushions with quirky and punchy designs.

However, while adding a pop of color to your home is one option, furthering your residence’s existing color scheme is another. This is worth considering if you feel indecisive about which cushions to choose. Which hues currently feature on your walls and floor? Arm yourself with this information as you start shopping.

Make clever use of lighting

Let there be light… or, more to the point, the right kind of it. After all, it could make your home look better in a delightfully cost-effective way. If a particular room has table lamps of mismatching shades, buying a new set of stylishly uniform lamps is one obvious option.

Still, in the long term, you might benefit more from having a company like Bifold Shop add more windows to your property. This could let you use natural light increasingly in place of electric light.