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What are managed learning services?

Learning and development budgets continue to fall, meaning businesses around the world are squeezing every penny they can out of their training budgets. Learning and development headcount is also something that continues to diminish, which results in a substantial workload increase for most L&D professionals. The combination of both of these factors has lead to an increase in popularity of managed learning services.

Managed learning services or managed training services is when training is administered by an outside specialist on behalf of the client’s organisation. This means that some, or all of the company’s training department is being outsourced to a specialist provider, and this provider can offer several different functions including:

External training resources

For managed learning service providers such as Zoe training topics for employees, this is probably the most basic level of service that they provide. Companies let the managed learning service provider know their learning requirements and the ideal solution, and the provider uses their experience to find the solution that is the best fit and the best value.man-hands-working-technologyAdministration

Learning and development administration is one of the biggest reasons why many companies choose to work with a managed learning service provider. These companies can outsource all of their most time-consuming administration such as organising dates, data entry, supplier contact, and booking forms. This means that the company’s L&D team are able to use their time wisely and concentrate on high-value tasks like working directly with employees, engaging with senior management, and strategy sessions.

Supplier management

One of the hardest parts of finding staff training, is choosing between the many training providers. Managed learning services companies are experienced with the top providers and trainers in the market, and will have expert insight into which have the best satisfaction, quality, and pass rates. This allows clients to reduce how much time they’re spending on managing these relationships.


Managed learning service providers often offer better pricing options, since they have bulk buying power and can therefore negotiate discounts with the providers they use. These savings are then usually passed onto clients, meaning businesses will enjoy a deep discount by choosing to engage with a managed learning service provider.

Learning analysis

Not all managed learning service providers offer this service, but this ss when the providers integrate into the company at a higher level, carrying out an analysis of the operations, determining the best training solutions for the company in order to see the most improvements in the business. The needs of individuals are also reviewed, which ensures that they meet the company objectives.

When choosing a managed learning services company, look for a company with a reputation for excellence. The company should be excellent at change management, and should have a strong approach that allows transformation across risk management, technology, process, and people components within the business.

Ideally, the company should be able to demonstrate their quality of service and show how they can save your business money while adding significant value.