Two Unconventional Opportunities for Open-Minded Investors

There’s risk involved in just about any money-making venture.

From coming up with the prototype for a product to building a website with the intention of cashing in, there are factors and variables beyond on our control which could ultimately cause our ventures to fail. In fact, many entrepreneurs sabotage their own efforts by sitting on their hands rather than getting down to business.

On the flip side, the world of investments is brimming with potential risks that we’re all well aware of. After all, why would we want to gamble away our hard-earned cash? Why would we take unnecessary risks rather than go for the “sure thing?”

The fact remains: the only sure investment is ourselves as we try to navigate a sea of uncertainty. As technology and trends continue to evolve, so does the world of investing where projections have the potential to go right out the window.

If you’re looking to invest for the first time, why not take the road less traveled? Consider the following unconventional investment opportunities as means of achieving a big ROI with the inherent risk in the back of your mind.cashPenny Stocks

The world of penny stocks has a reputation for being unpredictable; however, guru investors such as Tim Sykes have made millions by investing in penny stocks. The question remains: how can you do the same?

Understanding the in’s and out’s of penny stocks, including their untapped potential and what they represent, are crucial to potentially profiting from them. Keep in mind, for example…

  • Penny stocks are not get-rich-quick schemes: they require patience, strategy and pristine timing when it comes to effective trading
  • Penny stocks can be a breeding ground for pump and dump scams; however, many perfectly reputable companies are also out there to be found (brands such as Pier 1 and Monster Energy were former penny stocks options, for example)
  • Since penny stocks have such a low financial barrier to entry, having a sense of awareness and an investment strategy will set you apart from those looking to make a quick buck

With some stocks literally sitting under a dollar, penny stocks are worthwhile for the patience risk-taker looking to try something new with their investments.

Digital Currencies

The emergence of digital currencies such as Bitcoin have transformed the investment world, as the current niche market of digital and cryptocurrencies has the potential to boom further.

Not unlike penny stocks, the market is somewhat volatile and investors shouldn’t spend anything they aren’t willing to lose. However, the value of Bitcoin, for example, has fluctuated wildly. From a single cent to $1,200 and then back to $400 in a matter of months, digital currencies represent the new wild, wild west of investments.

As Bitcoin’s popularity continues to build, more and more eyes will see the platform as a potential investment opportunity. As competing digital currencies emerge, only time will tell what the future holds for investors looking to cash in. Consider keeping your digital currency all in one place safely by using Fireblocks digital asset platform.

There’s no such thing as an investment without risk. By keeping an open mind and staying aware of unconventional investment opportunities, you may uncover hidden gems by taking the road less traveled.