The Cost of Keeping Documents Safe and Secure

As a business, you have a huge responsibility to keep documents safe and secure. Whether it’s employees’ confidential information or your company’s financial information, depending on the industry which you work in there are laws which dictate how long information needs to be kept on record for. As an essential part of owning a business, this can come at a considerable cost. Here are some options to help you cut the costs of keeping documents safer and more secure:leaves-374246_960_720Use Archiving and Record Storage Services

If the law dictates that you have to keep paper copies of documents for a certain period of time, this can be costly in terms of the space it takes up in your office and the amount of time it takes to hire people to constantly file records and sort through it once a file needs retrieving. A way to save time and money is by outsourcing to a records storage company who will ensure your documents are kept safe and orderly on your behalf. If you need to access a particular document at short notice, you’ll be able to retrieve it with ease.

Destroying Documents

Another expense related to keeping paper copies is the cost of destroying documents once you’re legally allowed to do so. From spending time shredding to paying for the services of a confidential waste courier to pick it up and dispose of it. One thing you can do is use the services of a company like TNT who offer both archiving and document destruction services at a great price. cloud-computingUse the Cloud

Keeping data secure is much easier than keeping hold of physical records and essential for any modern business. The cloud means that you can store all your data in safe place and can be accessed easily when you need it, plus it’s low cost with no minimum fee and a pay for what you use model. It’s recommended that digital data is stored on two different types of technology, with 3 copies so that should there be an incident of human error, the data is still backed up in other locations.

Keeping documents safe and secure can be a costly problem for businesses, especially in departments like Health and Safety where records have to be kept on file for a number of years. However, by following these tips you’ll be able to save time and money whilst keeping all of the important documents safe and secure.