Stretching Your Dollars: Making Your Vacation Cash Last Longer

The majority of us have to work to budget when we are traveling and that often creates a bit of a dilemma when you are trying to do some fun things on vacation while not overspending.

Here are some tips on how to make your travel budget go as far as possible so that you don’t stress out on returning from your time away with a larger hole in your bank balance than you anticipated.


Eat well for less

Being on holiday should be the time when you might want to spoil yourself a bit with of an indulgent meal and a few extra treats that you wouldn’t normally order at home.

The good news is that you can enjoy some gastronomic treats on vacation without incurring an eye-watering charge for a tasty meal.

Pull yourself away from the usual tourist traps and high-end eateries where you might find something like a beautiful but expensive filet mignon to tempt your palate. The viable alternative to this taste experience is to find some local street food and explore some great new tastes without the price tag to go with it.

You can soon use your eyes as well as your nose to see where the locals are getting their food fix and that will allow you to try some excellent local dishes for very little money.

Make the most of freebies and amenities

If you book a hotel like a Marriott Hotel and Conference Center you will often be getting a host of amenities at your disposal that are included in the price of your stay.

If there happens to be a swimming pool at the hotel, for example, it makes sense to use what you have already paid for to the max.

Another excellent strategy when you are going sightseeing is to find a list of museum and other local attractions that let you in for free. There are normally loads of free things you can do in an area and it is a great way of learning about the area and being entertained without having to spend any money.

Soak up the culture

In addition to visiting local museums and art galleries without damaging your wallet, you should also do a bit of research to see if there festivals or parades going on while you are in the area.

Hiking trails are also a lot of fun and there is almost certainly going to be a state park or some sort of open space area that you can enjoy without eating into your budget.

Being on a budget doesn’t have to limit your fun and if you are going to go somewhere where there is a cost attached, you might have saved enough on other trips to not have to worry about enjoying a treat or two without risking busting your budget.

Stretching your vacation dollars is an art that any of us can learn and it means that the cash you have available will last longer and allow the vacation fun to continue through the day and night.