Is your job impacting your health and happiness?

It is easy to get into the habit of going to a job that you dislike without thinking about the negative effects that it has on your life. You have to keep going to work to pay the bills, and it sometimes feels like there is no way out and that you need just to see it through. It is a dangerous habit to get into because your job impacts on your health and happiness.

If you don’t like your job, this could lead to all kinds of health problems. From sleepless nights to raised blood pressure and strokes, there are many different signs that the pressure or dislike of your job is making you unwell and unhappy. Feeling stressed at work can lead to you turning to alcohol or excess food to try and make yourself feel better. It can become a very vicious circle, and you can gain a lot of weight and spiral into further unhappiness.

If you are turning to alcohol to try and block out the pressures of work, then this can lead to alcohol dependency and depression, as alcohol is a depressant. It will become even more difficult to handle the pressures of work if you are not working to your full capability.Woman Girl Work Fatigue Computer OfficePeople who dislike their jobs are more likely to have heart problems, brought on by stress and some studies suggest that your lifespan is shorter if you have a stressful job. At some point, you owe it to yourself to take stock of what is happening to your health and do something about it. Money pays the bills, but your life is more valuable than going into a workplace that you hate.

If you are in the frighteningly high percentage of people that are unhappy in their jobs, isn’t it time that you looked for a way out? Make that change, if not for your benefit, then for your family. A career change doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think it is. With so many opportunities for online degree completion, you could retrain in a line of work that will make you a much happier person.

There is a very wide range of online courses available that will help you get into a different area of work without causing too much disruption. If you’re worried about paying bills, then you can study part-time while you continue in employment. Online study is becoming a very popular way to gain a qualification while balancing the other important things in your life. Many years ago, an online study course wasn’t always regarded as the same standard as classroom-based courses, but this perception has completely changed.

The advances in technology mean that people can study for an online degree from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a computer. You probably can’t afford to walk out of your job, but you can afford to look into the career changing options that are available to you.