Big Buck Items: Wise Ways to Get Deep Discounts on Your Next Car, Appliance or Home

With millions struggling to save any money, buying expensive essentials can seem like a nightmare. From taking out loans to borrowing money from friends and family, many resort to desperate measures in order to afford expensive appliances, cars, and homeware. Especially if an emergency purchase has to be made if one of your important household appliances suddenly breaks, stress can arise and prevent anything productive from being done.

But, if you know where to look, do thorough research and plan ahead as much as you can, you’ll be buying virtually all your big buck items at a serious discount. So, if you’re sick and tired of spending all your hard-earned money on home essentials, here are some tips you can use to get more deep discounts than ever!

Look at pre-owned items

Hands-down one of the most effective and efficient ways of getting appliances for a cheaper price is to buy used. Sites like eBay are a great place to start looking and, the more you look, the better your knowledge about price comparison will be.

But it’s still important to be on your guard when doing this as you don’t want to get caught out buying a dud item. Ask for as many photos of the appliance as you can before purchase and, if the seller is reluctant to do so, you should see this as a major red flag and not go any further. Whilst buying second-hand appliances may be slightly more time consuming than if you were to buy new, it’s still an extremely effective way of saving as long as it’s done right.

Stack Of Cash


Especially appropriate when buying super big buck items like a house or a car like the Dodge Dart, failing to negotiate is a huge error. Almost all high-priced items will have some form of freedom surrounding their original price, so you’ve got nothing to lose and almost everything to gain by simply asking and trying to haggle!

And, if you end up speaking to a salesperson who doesn’t have the authority to reduce the price, you could still get something out of it. Whether it’s an offer of free delivery or a slight deposit reduction for a new home, there’s no harm in simply asking and seeing what happens.

Consider imperfections

When shopping in store for appliances, if any item has even the slightest imperfection you have the right to ask for a reduced price. Often, a slight scratch or opening on cardboard packaging will count as an imperfection so, as long as you’re not a major perfectionist yourself, looking around for slightly imperfect items is a sure-fire way to save some cash on expensive appliances and housewares.

Even if you struggle to save like millions of others, don’t be resigned to the idea that you’ll never be able to afford anything expensive. Simply doing research and looking outside the box is almost guaranteed to get you at least one discount, potentially leaving you with spare funds you can start saving!