After Flames Engulf Your Home: 4 Steps to Properly Document the Damage for an Insurance Claim

You may hope that your home never catches fire, but it does. Then it becomes a loss and you feel sad. But, after flames engulf your home, what do you do next?

What must you do? Yes, it’s true that losses are stressful, but must they confuse you? Hopefully not.

You have the freedom to seek the assistance of a legal expert to help you claim for the damages as you begin to find your feet once more. They have the skills and experience to help you with claiming for your damages.

Below are four steps to properly document the damage for an insurance claim:

1. Contact the Police

Whenever your home or house catches fire, you should have someone record down the statement as this will help you with your pursuit for an insurance claim.

Normally it’s always difficult to be normal after such a tragedy and probably, you may not even know exactly what happened or the cause of the fire.

But a police officer will help you in case things turns out to be difficult with the statement he or she recorded when the incident occurred.

In addition, the police will help you by making sure ambulances and fire fighters arrive at the scene to help calm down the situation as soon as possible.

In the long run, the police’s statement will help you get your compensation from your insurance company through his or her statement.


2.Collect Information You Need About Your Insurance Claim

Having the information about how the fire broke out would be important if you want a quick insurance compensation from your insurance provider.

It is therefore important that collect all the relevant information your insurance company will need to compensate you. If you’re unsure about what information you need to collect, contact Miller Public Adjusters to assist you.

3. Call Your Insurance Company Right Away

After you have called the police and collected the required information, it would be wise if you called your insurance company at the scene.

Your insurance company will walk you through all the steps you need to take for your compensation.

If your house was completely burnt, your insurance company will let you know what steps you can take. If there is also any other issue that arose during the incidence, your insurance provider will still be able to help you take the right steps.

Failing to call your insurance provider may result to you spending more money, which you didn’t even have to. Instead, just call them so that they can help you as soon as possible.

In addition, calling your insurance company will enable them open for you a claim file and commence the process of your compensation.

4. Settling Your Claim

You have the freedom to settle your structural claims and personal property at different times, but in most cases, your adjuster will prefer you do both at the same time.

But here’s the secret; filing your claims differently will give you the maximum time to realize the full context of your losses.

In as much as you may want to settle your claim as fast as you can, you shouldn’t hurry with it. It is better to be patient until you discover all the damages.

5. Over to You

If your house catches fire, don’t be afraid to seek or push for a compensation from your insurance provider. If you don’t want to claim for your compensation, then why do you even pay your insurance fees every month? Think about it.