4 Tips for Saving for Your Next Holiday

If you’re anything like me, then chances are you’re already dreaming of your next holiday when you’re at the boarding gate before your last one is really over. You probably spend your lunch breaks searching for cruise deals, have flight alerts switched on and love nothing more than finding a great deal. There’s nothing wrong with a little travel love, but it can result in a bit of a travel hangover when your trip is over and you have to head home. That’s why I’ve decided to share my top 4 tips for saving for your next holiday, hopefully, I can help you come up with some fun ways to save for your next trip so you can be out the door before you know it!

1. Cut Down on Eating Out
For me personally eating out is one of my biggest expenses! It’s such a fun way to pass times with friends and family, but a meal here and there adds up so quickly. Instead of meeting up for a meal, why not organize a pot dinner where everyone brings something along? Not only will you eat more healthily, you’ll save money too! Keep this in mind for work lunches too, be sure to make your own lunch and take it along as many days as you can as this is such a great way to keep your costs down.

2. Say No To Takeaway Coffees
Do you love a latte here and there? Me too, but at $3.50-5 a pop, it really adds up quickly, especially if you want to have a few a day. If you can switch to french-press or even instant coffee, your savings will be considerable. Every coffee that you buy out, is literally a coffee you can’t have on your trip overseas! If you usually get one takeaway a coffee a day, that could easily be $30 a week or a whopping $1500 a year – which is more than enough for international flights almost anywhere in the world.

3. Sell Your Old Clothes
Do you have a bunch of old clothes in your closet that you simply don’t use? Why not sell them on eBay, a local website or even in a secondhand store. This is a great way to get some extra cash in order to boost your travel savings fund. Even a few hundred dollars can go a long way towards flights, travel insurance or even towards helping cover accommodation costs.

4. Get a Second Job
If you’re really struggling to meet your savings goals, why not pick up some extra work. It could be something as easy as babysitting on a casual basis, or maybe something more regular like some online work such as content creation or blog commenting. This is a great way to get a little extra income so you can just put this extra income into savings.

Saving for a holiday can be challenging, but with these four tips, you can reach your saving goals much faster and get yourself on your vacation even sooner!