Hacks for Saving Money on Petrol

With the rising prices of petrol, it’s really no wonder why so many people are looking into what options they have when it comes to saving money in this area. The great news is that saving money on your car’s fuel is doable as long as you are truly willing to do this. How to do it? Here are some great hacks you could make use of:


Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Keeping your car properly services is not just about safety (although, obviously, that’s the first and foremost important reason). It can also help you save money on how much gas you use as well. Imbalanced tires, burning oil, loose belts – all of these things can boost your petrol bill as well. Check with your car’s owner’s manual and see when you have to change all these things on your car because it will be more than worth it.

Don’t Fill the Car to the Top

Unless you really, really have to do this, don’t fill your car too much. It will make it heavier and thus, your car will have to pull much more weight than necessarily. Keep in mind that this includes both luggage and people and that you should never push your car beyond its limits. Also, remind yourself that a full tank is very likely to make you want to share the car with more people, but this may not be as great for you if you want to save money on petrol.


Use a GPS

Even if you are very familiar with a road, a GPS will still be useful on those handful of occasions when you cannot find your way. Getting lost means that you will drive for more miles – and it consequently means that your car will use more petrol too. Over the course of time, these miles can add up (and so can the money you spend on your fuel), so investing in a GPS system is a really good idea.

Be Consistent

Try to drive in a way that is as consistent as possible – meaning that you should avoid breaking and accelerating too sharply. Doing this usually means that your car has to work harder and it also means that it’s “eating” more fuel too. Even more, driving smoothly is great for the people you transport and for yourself as well, so try to do it as much as you can.

Shop Around

Same as with a large variety of other things in today’s economy, gas prices can vary a lot from one gas station to another. Shopping around and finding the best price can save you quite a lot of money on the long run. For instance, if you find petrol that is 30 cents cheaper in a gas station, this can save you almost $4 only because you chose that particular gas station. And keep in mind that this is for one full tank! Imagine how much you could save in one year! If you decide to do this, you should surely know that there are very useful free apps you can download on your phone (GasBuddy is one of them, but there are others too).