Great gift ideas for the whole family

Some people are naturally great at giving gifts. They somehow always choose a gift that’s exactly right and shows their thoughtfulness and how well they know the person they’re buying for. I am not that person. I find it so hard to buy gifts for friends and family members, and spend most of my time second-guessing myself, deliberating about the best gift, and telling myself they’re probably going to hate it anyway.

If you’re like me, and you also find it difficult to choose the perfect gift, no matter how well you know the person involved. Luckily, My Voucher Codes have found some great gift ideas for you to choose from:

Heatable soft toys

These toys are microwavable, making them safer than a hot water bottle and perfect for little kids who can hug them close and stay warm. They’re also excellent for adults, and can help with sore muscles, aches, or when you’re simply having a bad day.

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, you may be wondering just what you’ll get mum to show her just how much you care. The Best Mum Embroidered Cushion is super cute, soft and squishy, and made from high quality cotton. It’s also a gorgeous design, and you know mum will be showing it off on the couch or her favourite chair for years to come.

Teacup & Saucer

If your mum loves tea, check out this gorgeous personalised teacup and saucer, with roses  and a message that you can choose yourself (up to two lines long on the front and up to three lines long on the back of the cup), so this personalisation will make it a truly special gift with a vintage feel.

A bit of pampering

Often we don’t take enough time to relax, and this is particularly true for busy mums. I love getting my mum a voucher to her favourite beauty salon as she can choose what pampering she likes (she often goes with a facial or will get her eyebrows shaped and dyed a few times). You can do the same by searching for a facial near me in Houston, TX or wherever you live and see what sort of vouchers are available from the local spas. Another great option is a pamper pack that she can use at home, with candles, a bath bomb or oil, and a face mask- she’ll feel like she’s in a spa while in the comfort of her own home.


Puzzles still make great gifts for the whole family, and can lead to plenty of bonding time if you’re working on the puzzle together. Check out Puzzle Handy, which is a puzzle board which folds away, allowing you to assemble 500 and 1000 piece puzzles. The board comes with plastic brackets which secure the puzzle on each side, ensuring that the board is rigid and allowing you to quickly move the unfinished puzzle from place to place when you need to use that particular table, you have guests arriving, or you don’t want your pets to get into the pieces. For friends and family members who love puzzles, this is a great choice.