Frugal Travel: How To Save Money on Flights

The world is such an amazing place and NOTHING should ever stop you from experiencing all the awesomeness – not even money. As surprising as it may sound, you can travel frugally and enjoy all the marvellous things this entire world has to offer – and lately, more and more people have made this their lifestyle.

Since flights are some of the most expensive travel-related purchases you will make, they are also something you will most likely be interested in saving money on. Good news is that you can do it and that we have gathered some of the best tips on how to do it as well – so make sure to read on and find out more.


Timing Is of the Essence

You may have heard this before, but booking your flights at the right time can end up with some pretty serious money savings in your pocket. Now, don’t expect these savings to pay for your dinners while abroad, but when added up with other tips you could use, they can really make a difference in your wallet.

Specialists say that the best time to book your flights is anything but the weekend. Some say that, for domestic flights, Thursday is the best day to book your flight over Saturday. Furthermore, the middle of the week is also a great time to book your flight if you plan on visiting an international destination as well.

Even more, buying your tickets 8-10 weeks in advance or 2-3 weeks in advance will most probably offer you the best deal as well- so make sure to plan your trip out and to book when you see that the prices have reached their lowest.

Location Is Just as Essential Too

Flying to the biggest cities in a country will most likely cost more (and even more when it comes to really famous cities around the world – such as Rome or Paris, for example). At the same time though, flying to a smaller (but beautiful city) will give you the opportunity to experience some of the less popular (but not less exciting) things in a country and to save some money too. Plus, a bus fare or a train ticket from the “offbeat location” to the large city will most likely cost less than having bought the ticket to the large city in the first place.


Be Well-Informed

Before booking any kind of flight, make sure that you do your homework. Research your flight, shop around and only buy your tickets when you know that you have found the best deal. Even more, if you plan on traveling more often, signing up for newsletters that provide you with deal alerts can be a really good choice, as you will be permanently updated with the latest bargains when it comes to flights.
Last, but definitely not least, inform yourself on the different fees you may have to pay aside from the ticket as well (such as luggage fees, for example). This way, you will be able to plan your budget in an accurate way and you will avoid any unpleasant surprises along the road too.