3 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Around the Home

I’m sure you’ve heard about how greenhouse gasses are increasing and how due to our influence in the environment, we’re in another mass extinction. Although it may not effect us day to day, the impact of losing species from our planet can have butterfly effects in ways we’re yet to understand. We need to do better for not only the other species, but for our own future generations. There are a few small changes you can make around your home to minimise your C02 admissions and help minimise the global effect that’s happening right now.

1. Upgrade Your Broiler

One of the biggest expenses in any house is heating – whether that’s heating the rooms, heating the water or using the oven. By upgrading your broiler you can make a big difference to how efficient your water and room heating is. It can be a bit of a cost outright to upgrade, but once you’ve done it you should see a shift in your power bills each month, eventually it will pay for itself. Old broilers are inefficient, use a ton of energy and have issues with heat loss. If you’re not in a position to upgrade your broiler right now, at least look into how well your current broiler is insulated – you may be able to make some small changes to help minimise the heat loss and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck while helping the environment. https://www.viessmann.co.uk have made a great resource looking at ways you can minimise C02 in your home, check it out below.

2. Look to Renewable Energy

If you haven’t already, why not get a quote for how much installing solar panels will cost for your home. You might be surprised to learn how fast this investment can pay for itself, saving you big money on monthly power bills. The amount you will need to invest will depend on how big your home is, your monthly energy usage and how much sun you experience in your area. Many companies will offer a free quote so you can see what the outright cost will be before investing any money. Not only is this option great for your wallet, but it also helps the environment by harnessing a renewable source of energy.

3. Insulate Your Home

The amount of heat lost from a home is considerable – after all, when it’s cold you don’t go out without a jacket on right? So why wouldn’t you want to insulate your home properly. Just as I mentioned above in regards to insulating a broiler, insulting your home can save you real money on your heating costs as you wont be losing as much warm air each winter. If your home is older, there are different types of insulation you can look into from installing double glazed windows to offer extra insulation or you can add insulation into the walls and roof of your home to prevent heat loss that way. A combination of both may be the most efficient way to insulate your home.

These three small changes can make such a different to the environment as well as saving you considerable money in the long run.