3 Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Home

With the new year fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about what projects you want to tackle in the new year and how to arrange your budget for the year. If you’re hoping to spruce up your home or apartment a little, the good news is you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big difference. There are small ways you can make changes that will change the overall look of your place without costing a fortune. Here are my top 3 inexpensive ways to transform your home.

1. New furniture

Investing in new furniture can be a wonderful way to transform your home. While furniture can be somewhat pricey, it’s much cheaper than remodelling a kitchen or adding an extension, so in the grand scheme of things is a relatively inexpensive change considering how much it can change the look, feel and purpose of a room. One of my biggest focuses in a home is the couch or sofa situation. A big, comfortable and inviting couch can transform the centre of your home, creating a wonderful space where you can relax and share special memories with loved ones. Check out Furniturebox for a great range of contemporary home furniture. Choosing furniture online is the perfect way to have more options while also ensuring you’re getting the best price possible. Look for quality pieces that are going to last the test of time and be prepared to spend a little more for something that you love.

2. A Feature Wall
Feature walls are such a fun way to add a pop of colour or personality to your home. The most simple and inexpensive version of a feature wall is to simply paint one wall in the home a certain colour, usually one that will make the room pop. Obviously the colour you choose will depend on your preferences, the look of your home and what kind of feel you’re aiming for. You can also do a feature wall of wallpaper and now there are a number of beautiful modern wallpaper designs available. Other types of feature walls that are popular include wall decals or even having someone paint a custom design onto the wall – this is especially popular for children’s bedrooms.

3. Family Photographs
We’re in the middle of a digital age, and most of us use our phones as our portable computer, cameras and photo storage device. I often forget to print out photos, instead simply showing them to loved ones through social media or when we’re together in person on my phone. There’s something really special about taking the time to print out a photo and display it in your home. It can be a special way to remember loved ones no longer with us, or special trips that you’ve enjoyed. You can have your photos put into frames, have them printed directly onto canvas, or even made into photo books.

These are my top ways to inexpensively transform your home in the new year. Let me know if you have any tips for low cost home makeover ideas!