Dressing Your Office Like A Celebrity

We often dress up in order to present the best version of ourselves, whether it is your smartest shirt or your brightest pencil skirt, it helps you build a confident persona while at work. However, there are more aspects of your work than just your outfit, in fact, you can dress up your office as well. You can try to create a celebrity look at your office with your office chair as well. Read this style guide as inspired by Furniture At Work for inspiration on how to create the celebrity look in your office.

Taylor Swift’s Mesh Look

Taylor Swift’s recent fashion styles have attracted the attention of many fashion critics. She tests the boundaries by wearing statement pieces. If you want to test the boundaries with your office style you most certainly should take inspiration from her mesh style. While the trend first made its appearance back in the 90s, the style has been seen on and off the scene throughout the decades. To achieve the timeless look, all you need is a mesh office chair. The chair pairs well with a variety of colours and fabric and will provide your office with a sleek style while giving you the perfect ergonomic posture.


Miley Cyrus’ Leather Look

Miley Cyrus often spots a style to reflect her strong, rebellious self. It is a highly popular look donned by other trendy celebrities, including Victoria Beckham. You can go for this fierce style by choosing a black leather office chair. A bold chair as such asserts your dominance within the office and boosts your confidence. If you are feeling extra fiery, you can even go for a red leather chair.

Kate Moss’ Classic Black and White Striped Look

You might prefer a more classic, laid-back vibe for your office. If you want a more casual office style, you should try and mimic Kate Moss’ classic black and white striped outfit. The sleek and minimal look can be replicated with the deluxe padded folded chair. You can’t go wrong with the poised look, a perfect classic addition to your workstation.

Rhianna’s Bold Look

Rhianna is known for her bold and dynamic style, portraying her personality within your office would capture everyone’s attention. In order to capture the essence of Rhianna, you would need a bright office chair. You can achieve this by getting a coloured office chair, which perfectly compliments your bold personality.

Kim Kardashian’s Neutral Look

For those looking for a quieter alternative for their office vibe, you might want to take some style inspiration from Kim Kardashian. You can keep it neutral and still keep it stylish. As seen on your favourite celebrities you can choose a neutral cream chair and give your office the sleek, elegant appearance.

Not only will your office be comfortable for you to spend your day in, but it will also be definitive of the person you wish to portray to your colleagues. Therefore, you need to find your perfect office chair that can show off your work aura!

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