Smartphone Pros and Cons

Without doubt, the advent of smartphones has entirely revolutionized the way we communicate in the global village that our world has become today. The ripples of the introduction of this disruptive technological multifunctional device are still reverberating across social, economic, and more importantly, commercial circles across the planet. What’s more, they are easily affordable for most people, especially with the use of coupons for Kohl’s and other special deals. However, in addition to its multiple benefits, the smartphone also has a number of disadvantages.. Check out our compilation of its pros and cons below:home-office-336378_1280THE PROS

1) Smartphones are a Superb Way to Keep in Touch

For companies and organizations, smartphones simplify the process of communication between business owners, employers, staff and all the other stakeholders to smoothen the business process. Apart from making simple voice calls, smartphones also enable instant messaging and emailing across multiple platforms and also support social networking services like Facebook or Twitter that can be used by employees to organize for corporate events, as well as foster real-time communication between individuals and departments.

2) The Evolution of Technology and Innovation

Every day, there is a new app coming up to enable smartphones support this or that business process and make the interconnection between the commercial world even much more interactive and profitable. As technology evolves, innovation is evolving with it to add new functions to smartphones and enhance productivity while simultaneously creating jobs in software engineering companies and other associated commercial entities.

3) Smartphone is More than Just a Phone!

The person who named the telephone decades ago envisaged a device for making calls. But today, smartphone is more than just a phone; it is a whole new productivity tool altogether! In fact, even calling it a small mobile computer may not be enough if we go by the literal meaning of the word computer! Apart from the obvious calling and messaging capabilities, the smartphone of the modern era has maps, GPS services, calendars, high definition cameras, business-specific applications, detailed contact lists, audio and video services, and much much more.iphone-518101_1280THE CONS

1) A Myriad of Distractions

In addition to the useful tools, a smartphone also comes with a whole lot of ways to occupy time and do nothing of value. Nowadays, many companies are putting restrictions on smartphone use in the office during working hours because of the amount of valuable company time that employees waste on games, social media, videos and surfing the Web.

2) Perpetual Workaholics

In a bid to foster corporate communication and productivity, smartphones may end up turning employees into workaholic zombies who are continuously connected to their job. With the advent of work-specific apps and tools that make it possible for employees to always remain inter-connected with their colleagues and bosses at all times, soon people may find that their job has completely dominated their minds and life to an extent that they forget about their social and family lives.

3) Continuous Obsolescence

Smartphone makers and software engineers are constantly innovating, and they hope that you keep buying! As a company that wants to keep up with the best technological advancements because of the benefits they can bring to your business and productivity, you often find that older smartphone units and software are fast becoming obsolete and you may be forced to buy the newer versions. This can become a very expensive venture for you.