How Technology Can Make Your Money Go Further

Time is money, is the old business adage, but the same is true for everyday life in the home and on the move. Ever more ubiquitous technology is around us. Have you ever thought about the new ways it can be incorporated into everyday life, to save you more money, than just through time and energy?

Here are some ideas you can bring to your shopping, travel, game play and entertainment with games like Red Flush Casino, meaning you could even make great wins at the same time.



While you’re on your phone, don’t be without price comparison sites for your groceries, or at least check them out. Many apps compare like for like in the top supermarkets on each of your favourite products, and they can even compare your whole shopping basket. Take advantage of online grocery shopping, where you can grab hefty discounts off your first online orders delivered to your door; and shop around so you can get this more than once. You’ll save on the cost of fuel while you’re at it. There are even scan and save apps for your favourite products.


Keep on top of the best currency exchange rates via dedicated free apps on the move, whether for Android or iPhone, and even plan your international itinerary, find the best hotel and car hire deals, travel hotspots and much, much more.

A good way to stay occupied during your down time, is to turn the waiting into huge wins, at potentially zero cost. With competitive online casino promotions, and reward programmes for longer term loyalty there’s something that’ll keep costs down for even the most avid players.



Another one of the most simple yet overlooked aspects of getting as many miles to the gallon as you can is the state of the car’s tyres, and these can really guzzle your fuel. For example, the rolling resistance of your tyres on the move can drag your car a lot over time, requiring more energy just to move. It all adds up over travelling distance, and you’d be surprised how much money can be saved affordably investing in the latest technology from the top manufacturers.


We are living in the digital age, where an explosion of options from film, T.V and gaming have given consumers more control than ever over what they can access on demand. This means providers are competing to offer the best promotions. Multiple online betting outlets offer either no-deposit welcome bonuses or match your first deposits generously dollar to dollar. You can claim your new player welcome bonus at Red Flush Casino. You can also stream your favourite T.V shows for free from many available apps.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg: for rapidly evolving technology, driven by consumers with more powers of demand than ever before, they sky’s the limit for money saving.